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Hey, guys, welcome back to another video. Today we’re going to be taking a look at another Dragon figure. This figure’s name is Tab and he was released in 2004, and guys, this is possibly one of the coolest Dragon figures that I’ve ever picked up and I think you’ll see why when I show you the figure in a minute here.

Dragon figure Tab

But before I do that, let’s show you the box as always because this is a pretty cool box. Up top, we have World War II, let me see if I can say this right, Bastogne 1944. I hope I said that right. This guy is a Staff Sergeant, 101st Airborne. 60th anniversary for Battle of the Bulge. And there’s a picture of the figure.

There’s the inside of the box. We’ve got the side of the box, Road to Victory on top and on the back we have some of his equipment listings there.

Dragon figure Tab

All right, let’s show you the figure, guys. As I said, this is an amazing figure. I was so excited to get this one. He’s super rare, very hard to find and generally very expensive. I paid about $70 for this one so that’s pretty pricey but this guy’s just really, really cool. Love the way he looks.

Dragon figure Tab


All right guys. So let’s show you his gun here for starters. So you can see he’s got a standard Tommy gun there and he holds that extremely well in his hands. Looks very, very nice. Let’s get a closer shot at this. There it is. Okay, he’s got some nice details on here, got a nice strap. The clip comes out and you can pull this back. Nice function there. That’s pretty much it but, overall, a really nice looking gun. I love Tommy rifles so really, really cool.

Dragon figure Tab

Okay, now let’s show you his face and his helmet. I absolutely love his helmet. He’s got some unique details on here, some clover insignia’s. In the back, there’s another symbol back there. But that looks really nice on the figure. Let me take this off, get a better look at that. Yeah, I really like the clover insignia’s on the sides.

Dragon figure Tab head sculpt

Here’s the figure’s head sculpt. This is a nice head sculpt here. I believe this one is actually based off of an actor. I forget his name at the moment but, yeah, awesome head sculpt.

All right, so this guy comes with some cool equipment. You can see everything on his belt and harness. Let me take this field bag off first. Okay, there’s nothing inside of there, but cool accessory.

Dragon figure Tab

Overall, I really like the way his belt and harness all hooks up here. Looks very nice. So over here we have a little pouch here, maybe for letters. Over here we’ve got his canteen with a canteen inside and that’s actually metal material so it makes it very heavy. Very good quality. On the back we have a whole bunch of ammo pouches. Only two of these have extra clips in them, though. You can see I’ve got them inside of there.

Dragon figures Tab and Deke

On the side we have his pistol. Let me take that off. Okay, there it is. Very good quality. Pull magazine and it’s got the nice pull back function. I’m going to put this in his hands. All right, that also looks very, very nice. Okay, the last thing on his belt is more extra clips for his pistol, just one, actually, but that’s very cool.

Dragon figure Tab & Deke


All right, let me go ahead and take off his belt, actually, so we can get a better look at his overcoat. Give me a minute while I do this. Okay. Let me carefully take all this stuff off. There’s a better look at all his equipment on the belt. Very cool.

All right. So this overcoat that the figure’s got on is very, very nice. Really good quality and looks fantastic on the figure. I love the front, love the buttons there and on the side you can see some stickers. I really put some cool stickers here. Got the Airborne symbol up top and then the staff sergeant’s symbol below. Hope I put that on right. Then on the other side got another staff sergeant symbol there, but that looks really, really good. Okay, up top, the collar is kind of like a soft cloth material. That’s really cool.

Dragon figure Tab & Deke

All right, I guess I’ll take this off for you. All right, so underneath you see he has a nice scarf. Very cool. And also he has a standard U.S. outfit there, nice shirt, nice trousers and let’s take a look at his boots here. Those are really unique, very cool. These are called Arctic Overshoes and the detail on that is very nice. I like the bottom especially. Very cool looking. This figure does come with gloved hands and those are very nice as well.

Dragon figure Tab

All right, guys, so that is the figure Tab. This is an awesome figure and I totally recommend getting this guy if you can find him. I’ve been wanting this one for a long time. Like I said, he’s very rare and generally very expensive, but I just bit the bullet and decided to get him because I really wanted this figure. He’s really, really cool and probably one of my favorites at this point.

Hope you enjoyed this video, guys. Thanks so much for watching. As always, I will see you next time.

Dragon figure Tab box