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Hey everyone, and welcome back to another review today. Have a really nice German dragon figure to show you. This is Anton Wessel. He was released in 2007. I had previously never seen this figure before, I kind of just randomly stumbled upon him on eBay. But I started to pick them up, I got them for like $60, which is a really good price I think considering the rarity of this figure. There are so many dragon models made that I feel like some of them were definitely more well known than others. I feel like this one might have gone under the radar because I’ve never seen this one before. So really happy I picked him up. He’s really nice, the detail is great on this one.

Anton Wessel


Let’s go ahead and show you the box. It’s World War Two battle for Berlin, 1945. So right at the end of the war there, a VolksGrenadier. There’s a really nice picture of the figure. Then we got another cool picture here on the side and then the back of the box with his equipment. All right, and let’s go ahead and show you the figure. This guy is really nice. He comes with some very unique equipment and yeah, I really liked him.

Anton Wessel

All right guys. So let’s go ahead and take a look at his weapon here, which is an MP44 and it says with vampire or night vision site, which you can see up top there. I think that’s really cool, I’d never seen anything like that actually. Very nice. He holds that really well in his hands. To also get a better look at this. Yeah, absolutely love the way this looks. I think that looks awesome with the night vision sight up there. Very, very nice. We got a pretty nice strap on there and of course the clip can come out and also another side which you can pull up. So very nicely detailed. Then you can also pull this back if you want, and that little piece comes up as well. So, the weapon here is very nicely detailed.

Once again, I love the night vision scope. It looks great. Here is his head sculpt with his cap on. Looks great and there, that is up close. Then I love the head sculpt on this figure, I think they did a good job with this one it looks very realistic.

Anton Wessel

So the finger comes with a lot of really unique equipment. In the front, you can see he’s got three pouches here with extra clips for his MP44 and I do have the clips inside of there, so that looks nice. We got his belt and then harness. Then on the back here, we got his knife, his mesh tin, bread basket, and it’s canteen. Then we’ve got this really unique piece of equipment here. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what all this is or what the name of this is, I’m assuming this has something to do with maybe powering up his night vision scope. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a lot of wires coming out of here, so that’s my guess. Please let me know guys, if you know exactly what this piece of equipment is here.

Anton Wessel


As for his uniform, he got some shoulder pads there you have to put on manually. Here some stickers, which they already put on for you. Then we got his … This is called M44 field blouse that he’s wearing. This looks really nice. Underneath of that he does have a turtleneck kind of sweater there. You can see that it looks nice. All right. His pants are really cool. Very nice camera design. You do have to put those on yourself. Underneath of all of this, he does have another pair of pants, you can kind of see them there.

As for his boots here, they are look very nice. You can see he does have some plastic leggings there that they’ve already attached onto the boots.

Anton Wessel head sculpt

All right. So I think that’s everything to show Anton Wessel. This is really an awesome figure. Like I said, he’s very unique and extremely rare. I think he went under the radar possibly, because I’ve never seen this guy before, so I’m really happy that it picked him up. I really recommend picking this figure up if you can find him, I just think that this is a great figure.

So thanks for watching the review guys. I have a ton of new dragon figures that I need to review, so I’m a little behind on my reviews. Then of course I’m going to be starting up some Xevoz reviews. Then also of course, I’ll try to pick up some more GI Joe’s to start reviewing as well. So, definitely a lot on the schedule here. Stay tuned for more review guys. Thanks for your support, and I will see you next time.

Anton Wessel Box