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Welcome back. Today, we’re taking a look at an awesome British Dragon figure that I just picked up and guys, this is a really hard to find figure that hardly ever shows up actually. I’ve been after this one for a good while now so I’m really happy to finally have him, but I paid $80 for this guy so he’s definitely very pricey but a really cool figure.

Dragon 2011 WW2 SAS Tropper figure "Johnny Vicks"

Let’s go ahead and show you the box here. Okay, World War II, Germany, 1945. This guy is a British SAS trooper. His name is Johnny Vicks and there’s a really, really cool picture of the figure. I love that pose, I think that’s really nice. This is a really cool box. It’s a little thinner than some of the other ones and that’s because there’s no equipment on this side. This guy doesn’t come with as much equipment as some other figures.

There’s another cool picture on the top, and there’s the back of the box. This is one of their newer figures. He was released in 2011 so the detail is really good on him.

Dragon 2011 WW2 SAS Tropper figure "Johnny Vicks"

Let’s go ahead and show you the figure now. All right, here he is. As you guys know, I really like British Dragon figures so this guy was a must for me. I really, really wanted to get him and was willing to pay I guess any price really as long as he didn’t go over 100 but $80 is a lot. I think it’s worth it, this guy is really cool. Like I said, the detail is just very nice on him. Really good Dragon figure.

Okay, so let’s go ahead and show you his Tommy gun here. This is a really cool version of the Tommy. This is a machine gun, and he poses very well with it. All right, that looks really cool. I love the way that looks. All right, here it is up close. Looks very nice. I like the glossy look on the wood parts of the gun, it looks very nice. The strap is also really cool. Very nice. There’s a longer magazine. He comes with a whole bunch of magazines here. Let me go ahead and take them out actually.

Dragon 2011 WW2 SAS Tropper figure "Johnny Vicks"

In his pouch, I have a whole bunch of extra clips and he does come with some smaller ones. Let me try to get one of those out. Okay, there it is. It’s a lot smaller. Just depends on what kind of look you’re going for I guess. I personally like the longer one but the smaller one also looks pretty good. All right, and you can pull this back and you can see the bullet inside, so very very quality machine gun here. Really cool.

This guy also does come with an extra pistol here, and this is a German Luger I believe. This is really cool. The detail is really good on this too. You can pull this piece back and the clip is pretty hard to take out but it does come out. I don’t think I can get that out at the moment. I got it stuck in there pretty good but it’s a pretty thin magazine. There he is holding it. That looks very cool.

Outside picture of figure

All right, and he does come with a third weapon. He has his own pistol here, a revolver and this is really cool. It’s got a cord at the end of it and you can open that up. You can see the bullets inside. Very nice. I thought it was pretty cool this guy comes with three weapons. That’s pretty cool. That also looks great.

Okay. Here is the figure’s head sculpt with his beret on, his SAS beret. That looks very nice. This beret is a little bigger than some of the other berets that I have but it fits pretty well and you have to kind of really smash it down on his head. I like the sticker on there, that looks very cool. The head sculpt on this guy is really nice. It’s one of their later models so a lot of detail on the head sculpt. It looks very good.

Vicks posed out in woods

Okay. As for some of his belt equipment, you see he’s got the two pouches in front. You can put the extra ammo clips in there. On the side, we’ve got another little pouch there and you see, we’ve got a knife with its sheath, that’s pretty cool. On the front, they actually have him holding the knife in his mouth. I don’t think that’s possible to do on the actual figure. I thought that was kind of interesting.

Johnny Vicks and Oscar Mckinnon

Moving on, we got a canteen here and then his revolver holster and then you got the straps for his belt here coming around across his shoulders, and going across his chest. Very nice. Let me try to take his belt off here. You have to be very careful with these belts. They’re super, super fragile so let me just try to take this off. Okay. Underneath, he comes with this really cool leather jerkin, and that looks very nice. Underneath that is just his standard British uniform, which is also very nice as always.

Vicks with McKinnon in the background

All right, and of course we’ve got some nice-looking boots, and some leggings you have to put on manually. Those are always fun to get on but once you get them on, it looks very nice.

So that’s Dragon figure Johnny Vicks. This is a fantastic figure. I definitely recommend picking this guy up if you can. Like I said, he’s very hard to find and you’re definitely going to pay a lot of money for him but he’s worth it. I hope you enjoyed this video, guys. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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