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Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to another video. And today, guys, I have a very special US Dragon figure to show you. This is Deke D’Amato, who was released in 2004. And guys, this is a very, very hard to find figure. I got him from a bidding war off eBay.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato

He was a little over 80 bucks, but actually that’s not too bad considering that this figure sometimes goes for over 100. I think there is one listed on eBay right now for like 125 dollars which is … That’s incredibly expensive, but that just shows you how rare that this figure is. This is a beautiful figure. So I’m really, really excited to show you guys this figure. All right. Let’s show you the box here for starters. World War Two, you can read that for yourself. It’s from 1944. This guy is a machine gunner and he’s a private first class. Battle of the bulge 60th anniversary.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato

This is a really cool picture of the figure. And you can see him on the side here, smaller image. There is the back of the box, the inside. All right. And that’s pretty much all there is to show for the box. So let’s go ahead and get the figure over here. All right, here he is. Deke D’Amato. Let’s just take a second and look at the figure. All right, guys. So as you can see, if you’re a fan of the US Dragon figures, this one is a must have, this guy is just absolutely beautiful. A very unique uniform, just really stands out from the others and I think that’s why he’s so pricey. Maybe not a lot of him were made. That could be another factor, but this is just a very, very nice Dragon model.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato Back Shot


So let’s go ahead and take a look at his weapon. He has a browning machine gun here and this is a really good quality weapon. Here, there it is. See it has a nice brown grip here, got a bi-pod in the front, and this of course can be lifted it up. And I have the bolt strip, is in here right now, his ammunition case. So let me take that out, there, that is. And you can go ahead and touch that inside of here. And of course close it shut. It’s a little hard to get in there, but you get the idea. So overall, a great weapon. Very realistic, I think.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato Pistol


All right, let’s go ahead and take a look at the head sculpt and also his helmet, which is very unique. I think this looks great. Hopefully, I put this on the right way. This guy was pretty tricky to put together. He has a lot of equipment, so it was tough getting everything on here. And of course, it’s always tough trying not to break something, which I thankfully didn’t break anything this time, at least not yet anyway. Let me take this helmet off. Fits very snugly on his head. You can see the lining inside. Okay, this is just a plastic helmet, US helmet and there’s a white covering around this, which you have to put on manually. And that was pretty tricky to get on there, hopefully. I didn’t do it perfectly. Maybe I’d like to fix it up a little bit after the video.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato Head Sculpt

But I think that looks really nice. It’s really cool. All right. And here’s the figure’s heads sculpt, very cool head sculpt, I think. All right. Next up, let’s show you all of the equipment this guy comes with. Like I said, he comes with a good bit here. So in the front, we have this gas mask case here. Of course there’s not really a gas mask inside, but still this is really nicely detailed. Let me take this off. Okay. We have another little pouch there. We have ammo pouch over here that has a pistol clip in there. And right by that is the pistol holster, of course with the pistol inside, and there that is. Very nice as always. Okay. And there he is holding it, now it looks great.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato Outside

All right. Moving on, he has a knife sheath and a shovel which folds. So I’m not going to take that out just because it’s already almost broken. Unfortunately, that was like that when I got it. Probably due to aging, but still it looks really nice like that. Over here we have his canteen that’s really nice as well.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato and Tab

And also we have the harness which you have to put on manually, and that was pretty tricky to do. Overall, it was really hard getting this belt to fit over the layers of clothing he has here. It was very difficult. It almost feels like it’s going to rip at some point. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I loosen the belt as much as it could go. He just has a lot of layers of clothing here, which makes it really difficult to get everything on here. But let me very carefully try to get this off. So give me a second and we will take a look at the stuff he has underneath his belt.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato Close up

Okay. I think I got it here. So underneath this, he has the snow garment here, helps him camouflage in with the snow of course. That’s a really cool accessory. So here, that is. All right. So underneath of that, I wanted to get all that off so you could see what’s underneath all of this because he has a lot of cool stuff that’s hidden here. We have this overcoat which is very nice. Similar to the one, I think it’s Hank, comes with this. And this looks really great. I love the buttons on there.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato Machine Gun

So you don’t have to put this on if you don’t want to. You can go for a look like this, that also looks really cool. All right. And you can see he has a nice scarf underneath of that. And underneath the overcoat, of course is his basic uniform and there were some cool stickers that I wanted to show you. Hopefully, they haven’t peeled off. Looks like to have actually. But he is a private first class, and he has these insignia’s for that. And also, he’s part of 28th Infantry division. So there’s the symbol for that. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe that stands for Pennsylvania. I live in Pennsylvania, so I think that’s really cool. That looks like the Pennsylvania symbol there. And there’re his trousers and then of course his boots, which also look very nice.

Dragon figure Deke D'Amato Gun

Okay guys. So I believe that’s everything to show with Deke. As you can see here, this guy is loaded with equipment, just tons and tons of stuff here. A little tricky to get on. So you have to have a lot of patience when putting this guy together, especially if something breaks, that’s never fun. Thankfully that didn’t happen, at least not yet. But overall, I really love this figure and I’m very, very happy to have him. And I hope you guys enjoyed this video. And if you can get a hold of this guy, that’s quite an achievement because this guy is very hard to find and you’re going to have to shut out at least, anywhere from 80 to 100 bucks for him, I think. Unless you get really lucky and can get it for cheaper than that. But thanks for watching, guys. I will see you in the next video.

Dragon Deke D'Amato Box