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Dragon “Lewis Wilson” – WW2 USMC BAR Gunner [Review]

Dragon figure “Lewis Wilson” – clearly based off the character Robert Leckie from The Pacific TV show, this is an excellent representation of him. The head sculpt is impressive, especially the curly hair. My only complaint is it’s impossible to get his helmet to fit naturally because of the hair. And it goes without saying that the parrot is a fun accessory!

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Dragon “Hap Daley” – WW2 U.S. Armored Infantryman [Review]

Dragon figure “Hap Daley” – I feel like this is a figure that goes unnoticed among collectors. He’s rare and also very unique in that he’s one of the few European theater figures to come with a camouflaged uniform. He doesn’t look all that impressive on the box cover, but once he’s put together I think he’s pretty awesome. I definitely recommend this one.

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