Author: Sir Mathus

Dragon “Artur Hecht” – WW2 Panzer Grenadier NCO [Review]

Dragon figure “Artur Hecht” – considered by many collectors to be the holy grail of Dragon figures, Artur Hecht is a figure that lives up to these claims. He’s incredibly unique and, of course, rare. I personally love his SVT-40 sniper rifle, helmet, and face mask. Go get this one if you can, there’s a reason he’s so highly sought after.

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Dragon “Garrett White” – WW2 17th Airborne BAR Gunner [Review]

Dragon figure “Garrett White” – It’s difficult choosing a favorite Dragon figure for me, but I would say this guy has to be my favorite. I love U.S. paratroopers as it is, and this one is the best that was made in my opinion. The uniform, equipment, and accessories are all amazing as well as the head sculpt. Also included is a baseplate for the figure which really makes him stand out among others. Go get this one, you won’t be disappointed. However, he’s very hard to find so good luck!

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