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Hey everyone, welcome back to another review. Today I have an awesome British figure to show you. This is Norman White, he was released in 2006. I’ve been trying to get another British figure for such a long time, I think it’s been since May since I’ve gotten one. The British figures in particular are really hard to track down, especially this one, so I’m very happy to own this one. I paid around $80 for him, and that was off eBay, so pretty expensive, but definitely, I think it was worth it. This is a very nice British figure, and I think he’s become one of favorites. So let’s go ahead and show you the box.

norman white posed

Okay, I really love this picture of the figure, I think that looks great. Alright, Mediterranean Campaign 1943, British Black Watch Infantryman. And if I’m not mistaken, I did a little bit of research on the figure, I think this guy might be Scottish. I could be wrong, correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s part of the 51st Highland Division, which I think might be Scottish. But once again, correct me if I’m wrong. That would be really cool if this guy was Scottish, I love getting the different nationalities of Dragon Figures.

aiming rifle

But, here’s the back of the box. Inside, and then also on top, is another pose for the figure, that’s really cool. Alright, so a really nice box, and here is the figure, let’s just take moment and look at him. Alright guys, so this is really an awesome figure. It definitely took time to put all of his equipment on, but it really looks good once you get everything on. I love the uniform, overall this is a very high quality figure, definitely one that I recommend picking up if you can.

close up shot

Alright, so for starters let’s take a look at his rifle. This is really cool, I love these rifles, and he poses really well with this. Alright, here it is up close, so a nice strap on that. Okay, there’s the clip, it comes out very easily, you can pull that back, so a good quality weapon. And on the back here, I do have his bayonet in the sheath. I wasn’t entirely sure how to get that on the belt, these belts are really temperamental, I didn’t want to break it, so for now I have this just clipped on here. It doesn’t look the best but I think it works for now, but this is really nice.

norman white figure

So there is his bayonet, and there it is with the bayonet on the rifle, that looks really nice. Alright. Okay, here’s the head sculpt, which looks fantastic, really cool helmet as well. There that is, got the padding inside and a nice strap on that, and I really like this head sculpt, I think it looks really nice, very realistic. And just a quick thing here, I don’t know if you can tell from the video, but this figure does have green eyes, which I thought was really cool. I don’t see a lot of green-eyed Dragon Figures, I thought that was something interesting to point out. You probably can’t see that from the video, but just an interesting side note.

back shot

Alright, so moving on to his equipment. We got two pouches here, and I do have ammo in of his pouches, he came with a lot of extra clips, which I put inside of here, you can see them there, a lot of extra clips for his rifle. Okay, we got his backpack here, with his, we got a little roll there, and inside of this pack he does come with a big rectangular blanket, which you can put inside of here obviously. I won’t take that out because it’s pretty hard to get all these things strapped back on, but you get the idea. I really like the color of the backpack, it’s kind of like this pale green color, I really like that. And down here we got his canteen, so really nice.

arm insignia

Okay, on the side of his shirt, on his arms rather, we have these stickers that you put on. They’re a little hard to get completely glued on there, but this is really cool when you see the Highland Division, and some more insignias for his division. And it’s the same thing over here, so the edges kind of peel up a little bit, you gotta keep pushing those down, but I think that’s really cool, I love those insignias.

head sculpt

His outfit is really nice, I like the tan colored uniform. It’s called a British Khaki Drill Uniform. Underneath you can see he’s got a brown T-shirt. Okay, same for his trousers. And we got his boots, which are really nicely detailed. And then we’ve got these leggings, which, of course, you have to put on manually, and once you get these on, they’re a pain to get on, but once you get them on they look really nice.

figure box

Alright guys, so I think that’s everything to show for Norman White. Overall, this is a really, really nice Dragon Figure. I highly recommend picking him up, if you can find him of course. The detail is great, and I think this one’s really unique. I don’t really see any other figures that look like him, so very cool, especially if he is Scottish, I think that’s neat. So, thanks for watching guys. I have a lot of other figures to review soon, so stay tuned and I’ll see you then.