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Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to another video. Today we’re going to be taking a look at another World War II dragon figure. This one was released in 2011, and his name is Peter J. Coates. So let’s get started, by showing you the box.

Dragon figure Peter Coates

All right, this one is from Dunkirk, 1940, here’s the British Expeditionary Force Infantry Men, and he’s a Private. There’s the figure, really cool looking. Got the inside of the box, there’s the back of the box, and on the side, got another cool picture there. All right, really cool box.

I’m going to show you the figure now. All right, here he is guys. This is a really cool British figure. I was really happy to get this one. I got him for $60 off eBay, so this one’s very rare, very hard to find, so I was really excited to get him. As you know, I love British figures, so yeah, this guy just looks awesome.

Dragon figure Peter Coates

It comes with a ton of equipment, and looks fantastic on display. All right guys. So, let’s start this off by showing you the rifle, as always. Really cool British rifle here, the name of it is SMLE no. 1 mkIII. Really cool, I like the design of it. Let me take it out of his hands. All right, here it is up close. Got a nice strap on there. There’s the clip, okay, and you can pull this back see the bowl inside, very nice detailing, as always.

The sides come up on this one. All right, and overall, just a really cool British rifle, I really like the look of it, I love in the front, it looks really cool. All right, and he does come with a bayonet. You see it there with the sheath. You can attach this on to the front, and this also looks very nice.

Dragon figure Peter Coates

All right. Very cool. Next up, let’s show you his head sculpt for the helmet. All right, that look fantastic with its helmet on, it looks very nice. Very nice helmet, the strap on this is very nice as well. Sometimes, they’re a little flimsy and can easily snap. This one seems like it’s pretty durable, so I appreciate that very much. Overall good quality helmet, and the head sculpt on this one is also really, really cool. Very realistic. This is one of their newer models, so you can tell the detail is just phenomenal on it, especially his hair, that just looks very nice, very realistic.

All right, next up, let’s take a look at all of his equipment here. It comes with a lot of stuff, the British figures usually do. He’s got all of this, it’s called “Web Equipment”. You do have to put all of that together. That took me … honestly, I think that took me an hour just to put all of his web equipment together. It’s kind of a pain to put together, but it looks fantastic once you get it all on there.

Peter Coates head sculpt

Let me take this off first, though. We got a little pack here, and inside, a whole bunch of extra ammo for his rifle. You got both clips and also the actual bullets there, very nice. Let’s take a look at all of his web equipment here. In the front you got two pouches there. I really like the coloring on that, that’s cool. I really like his big, large pack he’s got on, that looks very nice.

Let’s see, in the back we got his canteen and also his shovel. Let me go ahead and take that out for you. Okay, there that is, and it’s pretty nice. I already showed you a scabbard for his bayonet, but there it is again. Overall, very good quality equipment, looks great once you get it all on there.

Let me go ahead and attempt to take this off so we can take a better look at his coat. I won’t take all of it off just because I have it all strapped in here, but let’s take a look at his coat here. The coat on this figure is really well-made. It’s really cool looking on the figure, I think that’s actually one of my favorite parts about this figure is this coat he’s got on. It just looks really, really nice.

Peter Coates box

Underneath this, we have his uniform. Just the standard British uniform, but that looks very nice as well, good quality. Okay, and the last thing are his boots. Those are very nice, and also his leggings, which you have to put on yourself. Those look very nice.

All right guys, so I think that’s all to show with this figure. This is a really nice British figure, if you’re into the British figures, then I definitely recommend getting this one, if you can find him. Really a fantastic figure, so thanks for watching the video guys, and as always, I will see you next time.