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Hey, what’s up guys, and welcome back to another video. Today, guys, I’m really excited to show you another German Dragon figure I picked up last week for around $60 or $70. This guy is really cool. His name is Victor Moore, and he was released in 2009.

So, let’s go ahead and show you the box. World War II, 1943, I’m not even going to try to pronounce that, because I really have no idea how you say that. You can see all the other stuff on there. On that back of the box, let’s see, some of his equipment, very cool. And down at the bottom is another cool picture of him. Okay, cool box, as always.

victor mohr

Now, let’s go ahead and show you the figure. So, here he is, and I think this one looks great.

Okay, so, as you can see this guy is very realistic, looks fantastic with all of his gear on. Some of his stuff was a pain to get on, but that’s usually the case with Dragon figures. But a really nice figure, I think. So let’s show you his rifle here. Just a standard German rifle, and he holds it pretty well, I think. Okay, so here it is. Got a nice leather strap on there, which can be easily adjusted, which is nice. You can pull this back if you want, my one’s a little jammed up right now, but you can pull that back. So, overall, cool rifle. And he does come with a whole bunch of extra clips here.

holding rifle

As for other accessories, he does have two stick grenades which are very nice, as always. And he has a Teller mine, apparently that’s what this is called. You can put that in his hands. Actually fits better in this hand, there we go. Okay, so, cool accessory.

Let’s show you his helmet here. I really like this one’s helmet. I love the white paint on it, with all the scratch marks, and dirt, and everything, just looks very realistic. Okay, let me go ahead and take this off, try my best to get it off. You have to be really careful with these helmets, the cloth ones. You can see inside this is all cloth material, and it’s really easy to snap this. I already broke one side, so I had to glue that back on.

Here’s his head sculpt. And as you can see, he also comes with a mask, kind of a head mask there, to keep him warm. So, that’s really cool. But there’s his head sculpt. It’s a pretty nice one, I think, looks very good.

profile of figure

Okay, let’s take a look at his belt here. We got some ammo pouches there. On the back you got just your standard German equipment. You got the knife, canteen. Got this tin can here, and this basket. Very cool. And I’ll go ahead and take the belt off so we can take a look at his coat underneath. Just give me a second while I do this. There’s a better look at everything.

Let’s next take a look at his coat here. Apparently it’s called a quilted parka. Okay, on the back you see it has a hood, you can put that over the figure’s head if you want to. That looks great. All right, underneath you see we have another sweater, which is really cool, and I love his pants that he comes with, these overall pants, the detail on there is really good. I love the dirt markings, it looks really, really good. And also on his boots you can seen he has kind of, like, snow markings, and that looks really, really, good. Fantastic detail.

head sculpt

So, underneath these pants is another pair of pants. I won’t take these off, though, it’s kind of a pain to do that. It’s just standard army pants, I guess. You can kind of see them there. All right, but I will take this off so you can get one last look at his head sculpt, and then I think that will be it for the review. So, there that is, and there’s a better look at his head sculpt.

All right, so I think that’s pretty much it for the figure, guys. As I said, this is a really cool one, pretty rare. You don’t see this one a whole lot, and you’re probably going to pay good amount of money for him, but it’s definitely worth it. I recommend buying this one if you can.

figure's box