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Hey guys, welcome back to another review. I’ve got another Russian figure to show you today. He’s a Soviet Naval Infantryman from the Red Banner Baltic Fleet. His name is Fyodor Antonovich Nikitin. Hopefully I said that right, but he’s from the Eastern Front 1944, and this one came out in 2006 and there’s a really cool picture of the figure. This is one I’ve been eyeing for a good while. I’ve been trying to locate him. He definitely is tricky to get a hold of, as is the case with most Russian figures, so I was pretty happy to get him. I paid I think 50 or $60 for him, which I think is a good price. Oh, he’s a pretty simple figure, but it looks really cool.

dragon figure fyodor

Okay. There’s the side of the box and the top for you and the back of the box. All right, so that’s the box. Let’s look at the figure now. So here he is. He was pretty easy to put together and I think he looks really cool. I love the beard. You don’t see a lot of dragon figures with beards. So I thought that was really unique. Yeah, overall a unique figure. I really like him. All right, so right now I’ve got him holding his sack here or a knapsack bag. I’m sure it has a specific name and then his other hand I’ve got him holding his gun. The PPSH 41, so there’s a better look at that.

figure holding pack

And then his gun, let me put in his hands for you. Okay, there he is holding it. Okay, here it is up close. Let me get it in focus for you. So we’ve got the strap on there which is pretty nice. Okay, you can pull that piece back and of course the clip comes out. So a really nice model always love the PPSH, it’s really cool.

Let’s look at his head sculpt next and his Soviet Navy cap and it fits really well on his head. So here’s a better look at this. Very nice, great detail on it. And then the head scope, which I mentioned earlier, is really unique. So he’s got a pretty thick beard there, which not a lot of dragon figures have beards like I said. So it’s pretty cool to see. Overall good detail on the head sculpt.

fyodor posed with ppsh

As for his equipment here, like I said, he’s pretty simple so not a whole lot of stuff, but in the front we’ve got his canteen, got his grenade hanging off his belt, that’s really cool. Over here we’ve got his drum pouch with an extra clip inside of there. And on the back we’ve got his bayonet actually and the scabbard and then a really nice belt on this one.

Everything fit on really well and it was easy to put on the figure, so I was pretty happy about that. And then he’s got three medals over here on his torso and they look really awesome. Not entirely sure what each one stands for, but yeah, it looks great.

figure's headsculpt

Okay. As for his uniform. Really nice, it’s got the Naval outfit. You can see he’s got the these shoulder tabs here and then on the inside you can see his naval sweater or shirt. All right, so nice pants as well and then really nice boots also. Good detail on those.

All right guys. So I think that’s everything to show for the figure. Pretty simple, as is the case with a lot of Russian figures. They didn’t have a lot of equipment a lot of times, but this is a great figure and one that I recommend picking up. He is a little tricky to find, so you really got to keep an eye out if you want to get him. But he’s really cool, very unique, I loved the beard on him and I just really like the way he looks. So hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thanks so much for watching as always and I will see you next time.

figure's box