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Hey everyone, welcome back. Today I have a really nice German Dragon figure to show you. His name is Hinrich Weller, I believe that’s how you would pronounce his first name. And what’s really nice about this figure is that he’s a medic, which I am really excited about because I don’t have any Dragon medic figures, this is my first one. And really this is a great figure. He’s pretty hard to find. And I paid around 50 bucks for him, which I think is great.

weller posed with box

Here is an awesome picture of the figure. Arnhem 1944. And we got another cool picture on the top. Here is the back of the box. And this guy came out in 2005.

All right, here is the actual figure, all geared up. And he looks fantastic. The detail on this one is really good. They put a lot of work into him. It comes with some really interesting equipment. And I was really impressed overall with just the amount of detail on this figure, especially with his head sculpt, I think he looks really good.

side profile of figure

All right, so the only weapon that this guy comes with is this pistol, which, I’m not really sure why has this pistol, because this is an American pistol, or a British as well. I guess maybe he picked it off of a corpse or something, but still, it looks really cool in the figure’s hand. But yeah, this is the only weapon that he comes with, since he is a medic after all. But here is the pistol model. And the clip can come out of there. And you can pull it back, you can see the bullet inside. Great detail, as always.

All right, here is the head sculpt, which, as I said earlier, is really phenomenal. The detail is really good. And the helmet fits perfectly on the head as well, which I definitely appreciate. Here it is up close, and there is the padding for the inside. And here’s a better look at the figure’s head sculpt. So as you can see, this head sculpt looks great. I really like this one a lot.

medic bag and sleeve arm

Okay, moving on, let’s take a look at the figure’s equipment. He comes with a lot of stuff here. Let’s take a look at his medic bag here. It’s called a clothing bag, or a medic bag as well. So this looks great. I love the red cross symbol in the front. And inside of here is this piece of cloth.

All right, in the front we have this pouch. Now, I probably didn’t put everything in here correctly, I kinda just threw some of the medical equipment inside. On the back of the box, they have some pictures here letting you know what goes in which pouch I guess.

figure with helmet on

But inside of here, I just have some stuff, which, let me take out. So we got this blue bottle here. We got some little pastes or whatever these are. You could see inside we got scissors, and another pair of scissors there. All right, on the back, he’s got this neat canteen over here, and then he’s got the regular canteen on his breadbasket, and we got the mesh tin. All right, we got the belt and the harness. Over here we got these two pouches attached here, which is really nice. This is this leather material, which is really good quality I think.

And inside of here, I have a whole bunch of these boxes. Let me see if I can get some of those out. There’s one. And they all pretty much look like that. But they give you a lot of them. And it’s the same thing down in this big one. Actually, no, I got something else down here. So he comes with another equipment piece here. So I’m not entirely sure what this is. It looks like a whole bunch of tags possibly. But that’s pretty cool.

weller without helmet

And then there are some more little pieces of paper here, I guess. I’m not entirely sure what all this stuff is, but very interesting. All right, I love the figure’s jacket that he comes with. I love the camo design on there. It’s really nice. And then on this arm, I love the first aid bandage that he has wrapped around his arm. That looks great.

And then on this side, he’s got some neat stickers. I really like the sticker down here. And then we got this one up here that you do have to put on manually. And same thing for his shoulder pads. These are nice. I like the blue lining on either side. That looks good. And then underneath of the jacket, you can see partially a blue shirt, bluish-gray shirt. And then here are his pants and his boots.

hinrich weller

All right, and I think that’s everything to show for the figure. But really, this is a great figure. It comes with a lot of equipment here, a lot of interesting equipment. I really love him though. Just a good quality figure, so I highly recommend picking him up if you can find him for a good price.

Thanks so much for watching, guys, hope you enjoyed the review. And I will see you in the next video.

figure box