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Hey guys, welcome back to another Dragon Review. We’re taking a look at a German FJ figure today. His name is Erwin Stangenberg and he was released in 2004. Now this is one of those really hard to find dragon figures that just hardly shows up anywhere. I’ve been trying to find him for a very long time and I finally got him off eBay. I did pay a lot for him, around $100. So this is just one of those figures. If you want him, you’re most likely going to have to pay a pretty hefty amount. It’s not always going to be the case if you get lucky, but probably you’re going to pay a lot for him.

erwin stangenberg

He is really rare and most people want to get a hold of them. So I was really happy to get him. I think he was worth the hundred bucks, but that’s just my opinion. Let’s go ahead and look at his box. He’s from our Ardennes 1944. Got a great picture of the figure there posed. And then we’ve got another one on the side with his MP44. That’s the really cool thing about this figure is he does come with two guns. Here’s a look at the back. And then inside I do have some of his extra equipment in here.

erwin stangenberg with fg42

As I said, he comes with a MP44.  I also have his two stick grenades still in the box, and he also comes with alternate hands so that’s one of his other hands there. I also left his medal in the box for safe keeping. I haven’t put that on the figure though. All right. So there’s the box now let’s go ahead and bring out the figure now. All right. Here he is guys. A really awesome FJ figure. So I have him equipped with his FG42. I do prefer this look over the MP44.

figure with fg42

That’s just my preference though. Overall, a really awesome figure. I think he looks great. His helmet’s a little small for his head, but I still think it looks really good. All right. So let’s look at the FG42 for starters, and he holds that well on his hands. Okay. Here it is up close. Really nice model. Don’t see these a whole lot, so it’s nice to get one of these in the collection. But yeah, it looks great. I love the bipod on this. We got strap on there. Nice and sturdy. Then of course the clip. So it looks great. And, like I said, he does come with MP44, so here’s a brief look at that.

erwin with mp44

And then here he is holding it. All right. Let’s take a look at his helmet. Here it is up close. Like I said, it is a little small for his head. Let me try to take this off without breaking anything, of course. Okay. So here it is. You can see the padding inside. Very nice. Okay. He does have the … Oops, lost his knife there, but he does have the scarf on his head and if we pull that back you get a better look at his head sculpt and his hair. This is a cool head sculpt. I like this one a lot. He has a very unique face, I think. All right.

As for his equipment and his uniform, the knife did fall off but you can hook that onto his jacket there or smock rather. That looks really cool. Okay. So there’s that and he does actually come with a pocket knife as well, which is really interesting. And there is a little a tab on this so if you push it down you can get the knife to come out and then push it up again and it actually stays in place. Well at least it should. There we go. So cool little accessory there. I’ve never seen that with a dragon figure before. And he does come with extra boots if you want to change out his boots for these, nicely detailed.

figure holding fj helmet

I think I prefer the other one better though. And I also don’t really want to take off the boots because I’m afraid of breaking something. But yeah, moving on. He’s got his bandolier, which is actually attached onto his belt. But this is really nice. I think there’s an extra clip. Yeah. There’s an extra clip in there that comes with the figure. You can see his shovel in the front and in the back we’ve got just standard German equipment here. Everything was pretty easy to put together, which was nice. Didn’t really have any complications at all.


Okay. And here’s a better look at his smock. And you can see I’ve got his gloved hands on and these are bendable. Yeah, I definitely prefer those over the regular hands. I think those look really cool. Don’t see these a whole lot. Okay. There are his pants. You can see his shirt underneath and then his boots. All right, guys. Well, and lastly also the shoulder taps, which you do have to put on yourself. But besides that, that is everything to show for Erwin. This is an excellent figure that I do highly recommend picking up if you want to spend the money on him.

He is really nice, but you’ve got to keep an eye out if you want to get a hold of him. He’s super rare, so I’m very happy to have him in the collection. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and as always, I’ll see you next time.

figure's box