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Hey guys, welcome back. Today we’re taking a look at a German Dragon figure by the name of Marcus Schaper. He is a Fallschirmjager officer and was released in 2005. This is a really awesome figure. I got him as a Christmas gift actually, but he was around $65 with shipping, so it’s not too bad. This guy is pretty hard to find. At the top of the box it reads World War II Sicily 1943, and that’s what the figure looks like. Looks awesome. I think this one is very unique, so I’ve been trying to get him for a good while.

marcus schaper

On the side here, we got another picture here. This guy is cool because you can give him two different looks. We got this look here and then this look. I went for this look. I think that looks really cool, but this also looks very cool. Inside you can see that he’s got the extra pants there. I didn’t put those on. It looks like kind of a pain to put on. But I just like this look better personally. But there is the back of the box. All right, now let’s show you the figure.

Okay, here he is. Like I said, this is a really cool one and pretty hard to find, so let’s just take a moment here and observe. All right, so let’s take a look at his weapon here, a really cool weapon and he holds it pretty well. You can get some cool poses here. All right, here it is up close. The clip comes out of course, and you can pull that back and then you got your nice strap on there, so a very cool weapon.

schaper holding binoculars

All right, so right now he’s got his forged cap on. That’s what it’s called. This looks really cool. It fits really well on the figure’s head, which I appreciate. Sometimes these caps don’t always fit perfectly on the head, but this one fits pretty well I think and it looks good. Yeah, there that is up close. I’ll try to get that in focus for you. There we go, all right.

Now he comes with the helmet as well, which is really cool. This is really nicely detailed. You see, you got some dirt markings on there, so a great detail. I’ll go ahead and just put this on the figure’s head to show you what that looks like. All right, so there is what that looks like unbuckled, but that looks really cool. I really like how you can go for some different looks with the figure. I think that’s really cool. This guy comes with a lot of equipment. All right, and here is the head sculpt, a very realistic head sculpt. I think this one looks very good, very detailed. All right, so moving on.

figure posed by box

Let’s take a look at some of this figure’s equipment. He’s got binoculars here, okay. Those are very nicely detailed, all right. On his belt here, we got a nice leather belt and that was pretty easy to put together. Sometimes the German figures in particular, their belts are pretty fragile, but this one was pretty easy to put everything on, which I definitely appreciated. But up front we got two of his ammo pouches and those look really good. I do have some extra clips for his rifle in there. I think there are four, four extra clips that he comes with, so it’s a generous amount.

marcus schaper holding rifle

And on the back, we got the standard German equipment, and then we got a pistol, a nice brown holster. And then inside we got the pistol. Let me attempt to take that out. These things are kind of hard to get out once you put them in. Yeah, it’s in there pretty tight. But you guys have seen what these pistols look like already. I don’t know the model, but that’s pretty jammed in there, so I’m not gonna take that out, all right.

marcus with helmet on

But as for this uniform, he’s got on this jacket which is really, really nice. I love the color of it, and how detailed it is. I like that there. And then he’s got these two metals that you can put on and I have put those on. What I did is someone, one of you guys, suggested that I cut off the pins and then just glue these on. That’s what I’ve done here because I felt like that was the easiest way. I think that looks pretty good, so that was some good advice I think. Okay, up top he’s got some more.

figure's headsculpt

These shoulder pads are really nice. That looks great. And then underneath of this he’s got another tan shirt, which looks great as well. Here are his pants, very cool. I like how these are tucked into the boots, so they kind of poof out a little. I think that looks cool. And then there are his boots of course, all right.

I believe that’s everything to show with Marcus Schaper. This is really a great figure, a great German figure, very realistic. I think he is very unique and pretty hard to find though, so I highly recommend picking this one up if you can. Thanks for watching guys. I do have a GI Joe and then two other Dragon figures on the way, which I’ll be reviewing soon, hopefully. Thanks for watching. I will see you in the next review.

figure's box