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Hey, what’s up guys. Welcome back. Today I am super excited to show you this awesome US Dragon figure. This is Dan Summers, he is a 1st Lieutenant, and part of the 101st Airborne Division. Now guys, this is a really rare US figure, and I’ve been trying to track this one down for a long time. I finally got him, and for a really good price. I got him for 60 bucks, which I think is a great price for this figure since he’s just really hard to get a hold of.

Dragon Figure "Dan Summers"

But I would say that this is one of my favorite figures that I now own, he is just really cool, and I really love this one. Just a fun fact, if you’re familiar with the Band of Brothers TV series, and apparently this figure was supposed to be based off of the main character, Dick Winters, of that series, which is pretty obvious I think. I mean, the head sculpt doesn’t really look like him in my opinion, but even with the name, Dan Summers, Dick Winters, you can tell they were just making some subtle changes there. It’s pretty obvious what they were trying to do, so just a fun little fact. Let’s go ahead and show you the box.

dan summers head and helmet

Now, the box is a little damaged. You can see back here it’s a little torn, so maybe that’s why he was listed for a little cheaper. But still, a really cool box, you got a awesome picture of the figure there, and World War II Normandy 1944. Okay, there’s another picture down there, very cool. Okay, here’s the back of the box, and this guy was released in 2004. Alright, so here is the figure, and this guy is really, really nice. Great detail, definitely one of my favorites.

"Dan Summers" Head-sculpt

Alright, and what’s even cooler about this figure is that he comes with his own base stand here. He does come with one of those little clear ones, but he also comes with this, which is 10 times cooler. He’s got a little plaque here in the front, which is kind of peeling off, but this is awesome I think. I wish more of the figures came with these, I believe only two of them come with these stands, the other one is Garrett White. But this is really, really cool, really sets him apart from the other figures. If you stick around for the end of the video I’ll probably put in a short little clip of what it looks like with him standing on that, so stick around for that, but I think that’s awesome.

Dan Summers back

I’ll just ahead and take a look at his weapon, which is the M1 Garand, and he holds that really well. Okay, there it is, try to get that in focus for you, there we go. Okay, so this is very nicely detailed, you got one of the clips in there, which you can put in. It’s kind of stuck in there right now, but you get the picture. Very nice strap on here, very realistic, and the cool thing about this is you can actually assemble and disassemble it. So, as you can see some parts of this come off, and I think that’s really cool.

"Dan Summers" displayed

All right, now this guy’s helmet is very nice. I love the strap he’s got there, that looks great. And the netting of course, looks awesome, and I love the spade symbol there on his helmet, I think that’s great. You can see he’s got the 1st Lieutenant mark as well, also on the back of course. So I’m going to go ahead and take this off, it was a little challenging putting this together because it did come apart, but once you get it all configured it just looks awesome.

Here’s the head sculpt. As I said, I mean, it doesn’t really look like Dick Winters, at least I don’t think so, but still this is an awesome head sculpt. Very nicely detailed, just the expression looks great. Now, what’s interesting is this one has a squishy head, I thought that was kind of funny, but anyway, great head sculpt.

Summers in the woods

All right, this guy comes with a lot of stuff here, really packed with equipment. So, on his belt we got a clip holster here for his pistol. You see he’s got two grenades here, which I’ve put on, very nice. Okay, over here, he came with three of these pouches, and those are for, I believe his clips, you can put them in there. He comes with a ton of these extra clips for his M1 Garand, so that’s really cool. And strapped in the front here we got two more, these pouches here. I believe you can actually put the clips inside of here, I think, I’m pretty sure, but it’s kind of hard to do that so I decided to put them all inside of these pouches.

101st Airborne

As you can see, he’s got two more of these pouches in the back, which are just full of all these extra clips that he comes with, so that’s really cool. And we got his canteen there, another little pouch there. Got his pistol and his holster, okay, there that is, nicely detailed as always, and there he is holding it. Alright, now he does have another shirt underneath here. I’d prefer not to take all this stuff off, it’s kind of a pain to put it back on together, but it’s just like a greenish colored shirt underneath, which looks pretty good.

Figure headsculpt

Overall the uniform is great, I love the Airborne Uniforms. Some of my favorites are the paratroopers, they’re so cool. And you can see, he’s got the Airborne Insignia there, that you have to put on manually, that looks great. Okay, and down below we got these cool pants, and he came with these ropes that you do have to, or strings, whatever you want to call them, which you have to tie. I haven’t done the best of job doing that, I’ll probably try to fix that up a little bit more, but a little tricky to try do that.

Dan Summers face

I love these boots that he comes with, I think those look great. And I also really love this knife, that boot knife that he comes with, I think that’s awesome. And that was a little tricky to get tied on, as you can see, I’ve kind of just wrapped it around here. Not the best of job, I might try to fix that later, but I was just trying to get it on quickly. But still, I think that looks awesome. I’ll go ahead and take off his knife, there that is, very nice.

Summers and Ford

So I believe that’s everything to show for Dan Summers. This guy comes just packed with equipment, and definitely one of my favorite Dragon Figures right now, I think he just looks awesome. You get a ton of stuff here, and I just think it’s also really cool that he’s based off of Band of Brothers, Dick Winters. So, thanks so much for watching guys. I do have some more Dragon Figures, and also a GI Joe Figure to review soon. Yeah, thanks for watching, stick around and I’ll show you that clip of him on his stand.

"Dan Summers" box