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Hey, guys. Welcome back to another review. I’m super excited to be reviewing this figure in particular for you guys. His name is Eugene Brecht, and he is another GEAR+ figure from Sicily 1943, and he is a Mediterranean FJ Sniper. Now, this figure is definitely a hard one to track down. It took me a pretty long time, so I’m very happy to finally have him in my collection. He’s really awesome, and comes with a lot of stuff, obviously, hence the name GEAR+.

figure posed

But let’s take a look at the box here. Great picture of the figure there. Okay, on top, you can see, there he is holding his sniper rifle. And here’s the back of the box. A lot of equipment with this guy, and those are the two weapons that you get. You get the Kar 98k sniper rifle and then the other gun. So, great looking box as always.

Here is the figure, and I’ve got him equipped with his sniper rifle. That’s my preferred weapon. I think he looks great with that. All right, so awesome looking figure. He’s really cool. The FJ figures are always really nice. He holds his sniper rifle really well. Let’s go ahead and take that out. Nicely detailed. The scope doesn’t pop off on that one, but you can pull this piece back, and then you got the strap on there.

figure aiming sniper rifle

Then, here is his other weapon, which once again, I won’t try to pronounce. You can take the clip out of there, and then you can see the strap, which unfortunately has snapped off, but cool weapon. And there he is holding that one. I personally prefer the sniper rifle, but always cool to have different options for the figure.

All right, so here’s the figure’s head sculpt with his helmet on. You can see he’s got the goggles on top, which looks really awesome. Let me go ahead and take off the helmet very carefully. These FJ helmets are always… the lining for these are very delicate, so you’ve got to be careful with these straps. They usually tear really easily. I’ve torn a few of mine already. Okay, so there’s a better look at his helmet. Great detail on that. It looks like it’s got scratches on it and a lot of dirt, so good detail, and then there’s a look without the goggles on.

helmet without goggles on

Here is the figure’s head sculpt, which is really nice. I really like this one in particular, nicely detailed. All right, let me put this back on the figure, since it fell off, but there that is. That’s his bandolier for his sniper rifle. He’s got extra clips in there, and only the top four pouches open up. These ones don’t open up at all, but there are some extra clips that you can put inside of there.

So you can see this guy has a lot of equipment packed onto his belt. Starting in the front, we’ve got his ammo pouch for the 739, and there are some extra clips that I’ve actually put inside of there already. Then we’ve got his sniper scope case. Okay, on the back, we’ve got his knife. There’s his gas mask canister, nicely detailed. Then, of course, his other equipment there, bread basket, mess tin, and canteen, all nicely detailed, especially these two. I like how they look very weathered.

secondary weapon

Okay, and then you got his belt, which everything fits pretty snugly. It’s definitely a tight fit trying to get everything on there, but it looks good once you get everything on. Okay, you can see the figure has a scarf that you can put on. Let me take that out. Then underneath of his FJ jump smock, you can see he’s got a tan shirt, and then some tan pants, which kind of puff out over his boots, and that looks really nice.

no helmet on

I think that’s everything to show for the figure. The jump smock is really nice as well. Just thought I’d mention that. But overall, a great figure, really nicely detailed. I forgot to mention earlier, the release date on this one was 2010, so this is a later figure, but he’s really nice, and he comes with a ton of stuff. Yeah, I’m really loving these GEAR+ figures. This is like the third one that I’ve gotten, and yeah, this one’s one of my favorites.

He’s super nice. The FJ figures are always really cool, so I’m so happy to finally own this guy in my collection, and I do highly recommend picking him up if you can find him. I got him off eBay for… I think I paid around $70, so I think that’s a fair price for him, considering the stuff you get and considering the rarity of this one. Hope you guys enjoyed this review. This is an awesome figure, so thanks a lot for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

figure's box