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Hey guys, welcome back. We’re taking a look at a German Dragon figure today by the name of Konrad Furst. And what’s really cool about this figure is that he is a Gear Plus figure. So as the name implies, he comes with a ton of extra equipment. But there’s a picture of him. You could see he’s got a motorcyclist coat on, which automatically makes him really awesome. I always love seeing this coat on figures. It just looks so good in my opinion, but anyway this figure is from Ardennes 1944. He is an HJ Panzergrenadier Officer.

furst with mp44

Okay. On the side of the box, you can see another look that you can give the figure. He’s got his coat off, which is a totally different look there. I personally prefer him with his coat on, but that’s just me. Here’s a look at the back of the box. You could see some of his equipment there. This one came out in 2009, so fairly modern, one of their newer figures. But he’s really nice. Let me go ahead and take him out.

Here he is. Got him with his coat on right now. I think he looks great. He’s a pretty sturdy figure, I think. He comes with some really interesting gear.

konrad furst

All right. For starters, let’s take a look at his MP40 there that I’ve got him holding. All right, so a nice model as always. The detail’s really good. You can pull the stock out. You could pull the clip out. Got the strap on the side. You can pull this back. Okay.

Then his secondary weapon is the MP44 which a great model of this. So we got a strap on the side as well, and there’s the clip, pops out, and the sights you can put up. Let me put that in his hands for you. All right, so there he is holding that. It looks really good.

figure with cap and goggles

All right. Let’s take a look at his hat and his head scold next, which is really awesome. I love his officer hat here. It looks really good on the figure. You can see it’s got goggles on the front there, which really cool. Let me take those off. Here’s the officer cap, which looks great. Here’s a look at that one more time without the goggles on.

All right. Let’s take a look at his head sculpt, which looks nice, I think. Nice detail, especially on the hair. You could see he’s got some wrinkles on his face. A really good detail. All right. Well let me go ahead and actually take off his coat so we can take a look at what’s underneath. Once again, I’ve always loved seeing this trench coat or motorcyclists coat on the German figures. I think it looks fantastic. if you just give me a second while I take this off.

figure without coat on

There. That is really good quality on that. All right. Underneath, you see he’s got a pair of binoculars. Okay. Let me actually put back on his officer cap here. Let me give him the MP44. We’ll just briefly take a look at what he would look like without his coat on. There he is without the coat on. That also looks pretty good, I think. Still prefer him with the coat on though, but that’s just me.

All right. Well moving on, you can see he’s got this dispatch leather case. It’s what it’s called in the front. Okay. We got a nice belt for the figure. Let me get that in better focus for you. Then we got his MP40 ammunition pouch over here. I’ve come to think of it before I forget, I left some extra equipment inside of the box. He’s got ammo pouches for his MP44, which I haven’t even taken out. Got extra clips up there. It looks like an extra pistol clip. Then over here I got his Y straps. So a lot of extra gear that I haven’t even used.

side shot of furst

All right. But on the back of his belt, you can see he’s got his pistol there with his case. As for his uniform, we got some stickers that you got to apply on the figure. Let me try to get that in focus. Having some trouble here. There we go. You got this sticker that you got to put on, and these two on his collar. We got his shoulder tab pieces. Okay.

Relatively easy to put all that on. All right. And his pants are pretty cool. I like the way these look. They’re a little slightly baggy, but I think they look good. Then I really love the figure’s boots. These are really cool. you can see they actually got some real laces there. The detail is just great, really, really good. Underneath, good detail as well.

figure's headsculpt

All right, well I think that’s everything to show for Konrad Furst. He’s a really cool figure, one that I’ve been eyeing for a pretty good while now, but he’s always really expensive. I had to pay a hefty amount to get him. Actually it was like a hundred bucks that I shed out for this guy. So definitely a lot of money. But he is really nice, a good German figure. The Ardennes figures are always really cool. So a great addition to the collection and I do recommend picking him up if you could find him. The gear plus figures are, for the most part, pretty challenging to get a hold of. You’re definitely going to pay a good amount for the most part. That’s definitely the case for this guy.

But hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thanks so much for watching. I will see you in the next video.

figure's box