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Hey guys, welcome back. We’re taking a look at a Russian figure today. His name is Boris, and he was released in 2003. This is an earlier Dragon model, but it still is really nicely detailed considering he is older. Let’s go ahead and look at his box. He’s from the Ukrainian Front, 1943 to 44, Red Army LMG Gunner. He is a Sergeant. We got an awesome picture of the figure there, looks like he’s crouching down on a, could be a tank I believe. But, a really cool picture. Here’s the back of the box.

Boris Dragon figure

All right, so there’s his box, let’s bring out the figure now. Here’s Boris. He’s a pretty simple figure, as is the case with a lot of the Russians. But still, he’s really nice, very sturdy figure, pretty easy to put together. And overall, I think it looks really good. It’s always a challenge tracking down Russian figures, so I was very happy to finally get Boris. I’ve been trying to get him for a while. I was outbid many times in the past trying to get him. But, I did eventually get him off eBay. I paid around 70 with shipping, so a little pricey. But, the Russian’s are just very difficult to get a hold of. You’re usually going to pay a good amount to get one.

figure posed

Yeah, let’s go ahead and look at his weapon, which is the Light Machine Gun. There he is holding it, looks really nice. All right, here it is up close. We’ve got, you see the bi-pod, okay. We’ve got this strap there, adjustable strap, and the sights do pop up. Then, you got the really cool, that round drum magazine on there. You can see the bullet inside of there, so a really nice model.

All right, so there’s the helmet on the figure. It looks good, and it fits nicely on his head. You can see there is some little details on there to make it look battle worn. Okay, and here is the head sculpt, which as I said earlier, for an early Dragon model, I think the head sculpt is very nicely detailed. Some of the earlier models look pretty fake next to the later Dragon models, but this one holds up pretty well I think.

figure with helmet on

Moving on, let’s look at this equipment here. As you can see, he’s got two bags across his chest there. This one here would hold another clip there for his Light Machine Gun, I believe. They don’t give you an extra one. And, then over here we’ve got this bag. In the back we’ve got his canteen, and then a knife. Okay, and then the belt is a little different compared to some of the other Russian models, I actually like this one better. It definitely is more secure. The other ones, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, the other ones pop off really easily, so definitely like the belt better on this one. I really like his quilted jacket. It’s a little puffy, but I think it looks good though.

figure holding his helmet

Then, you can see I’ve got the shoulder tabs there. They were actually underneath of the quilted jack on his shirt underneath there, or the uniform underneath. But, I took them off and put them onto his jacket, to match what was displayed on the box there. I think it looks really good. All right, we got his pants. And then lastly, we’ve got his boots, which are really nice as well.

All right guys, well that is the Russian figure, Boris. I’m very happy to have him in the collection finally. I have actually been able to pick up a lot more Russians. I got two more Russians to review in the next coming weeks, so I’m very excited about that. But, hope you guys enjoyed this review, I definitely recommend picking this figure up. He’s really nice, especially considering he is an older model. Thanks a lot, guys. I will see you in the next review.

figure's box