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Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to another video. Today, as promised, I have another Dragon figure to review for you. This figure is named Charles “Blackie” Black and he is extremely rare and very cool. So let’s get started with the review. Here’s the box, World War II, France 1940, British Expeditionary Force Royal West Kent Regiment and this figure is a private. As I said, his name is Charles “Blackie” Black and there’s the figure there, really, really cool. I particularly like the British figures so this one was definitely on my wanted list. On the side there, got another cool pose with the figure. Here’s some of his equipment inside of the box and the figure was released in 2006.

Dragon Figure Charles Black

All right, so there’s the box. As for the figure here he is. All right. So this is a really, really cool figure. As I said, extremely rare, hardly ever shows up, but I was able to snag him for $60 off eBay, actually from the same seller that I bought the Sam Blake figure from, if you watched that review. So two really great for finds for pretty good prices, considering just how rare this figure is. He’s just so cool. He comes with a ton of equipment and it looks great on display.

All right. So I’ll show you his rifle. The name of this rifle is SMLE No.1 MK III, that’s what’s on the back of the box. But it looks really cool on the figure’s hands. Go ahead and take it out. Okay, here it is. It looks really cool. Very detailed. Got a nice strap there. Okay, you can pull this back and see the bullet inside. The sites can be brought up. That’s a nice detail there, really nice. The magazine can be taken out. All right, do there’s his rifle. Really, really cool rifle.

Dragon Charles Black Rifle Bayonet

Okay. As for his head sculpt and helmet, here they are. Really cool helmet there. Fits really well in the figure and it looks very nice. I’ll go ahead and take that off. All right. So on the side, you see you got these little symbols there. Those are stickers you have to glue on. So some nice detail there. Very cool helmet. I really liked the figure’s head sculpt. It’s a really nice one. All right, so this figure comes with a ton of accessories. The British figures usually do. So he’s got a load of stuff here. I don’t want to take off everything. But I’ll take off a few things here.

For starers, I’ll take this off. Okay, so this is a very big pouch here and inside, you have a whole bunch of extra ammunition, so that’s really cool. All right, also in the front we have this row of pouches there. Also, I have two other big pouches there for probably for extra ammunition as well and this is all attached to this harness here. All right, in the back, this goes on top like that but this is a cool looking bed roll. Also have this really cool backpack here. I really like the coloring of this actually. It’s like a very faded green. That’s really cool. Also really like this cup that’s included. This is really, really nice. Just love that detail. It’s really cool.

Charles Black Equipment

Okay, and underneath, I stuffed his … He comes with a blanket here. This is also a cool accessory. All right. Also comes with a canteen there and a shovel underneath. That’s really cool. I’ll go ahead and take the shovel out actually so you can get a look at that. Okay, there it is. All right. Also we have this really cool bayonet, it’s a really long bayonet actually. I’ll go ahead and take that out. Okay, here that is. This is really cool. I really liked the scabbard. That’s really nice. You can attach this to the end of the rifle, so I’ll go ahead and put this on. All right there that is. That looks fantastic. Really, really cool.

Dragon Charles Black

All right. So as for his uniform, got a standard British uniform here. It’s really cool. On the side of both of his arms, we have these stickers you have to put on and I’m assuming that stands for the regiment he’s a part of. Other than that, got some cool trousers and really cool leggings at the bottom here, which you do have to put on manually. Last but not least, we got some cool looking boots there. I really like the paint underneath. That’s very cool. All right, guys. So that’s Charles “Blackie” Black. A fantastic figure and really was a great find because he’s so rare and usually very, very expensive. So I was super excited to show this figure to you guys and I really hope you enjoyed the review and I hope to get some more Dragon figures and G.I. Joe figures soon. So stay tuned for more reviews and I’ll see you then guys. Thanks for watching.

Dragon Charles Black Box