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Hey guys, welcome back. Today we’re taking a look at a Dragon figure that I just picked up this past week. His name is Albert Weinholt. And this one’s really nice. I was very impressed with this one. The detail’s really good. It’s one of their later models, from 2011.

albert weinholt

But let’s get started. Got a very nice box here. World War II, France, 1944, Albert Weinholt. And there’s a picture of the figure, looks very nice. This one, it’s been on my radar for a little while now, so I finally picked him up. There’s another cool picture of him, and his equipment on the back. And as I said, this one was released in 2011.

All right, here is the figure. And guys, this is a very nice German Dragon figure. Very realistic. So let’s just take a look at him here. All right, so this figure comes with a good amount of stuff. On the side here, I do have some accessories. Got some clips for his MP 40, and got two stick grenades.

figure posed

All right. In this hand, he’s carrying a map. And in the other, I have him carrying his MP 40, some machine gun. Let’s take a look at that. Very cool, as usual. Got a nice strap on there. Okay, and that looks really good with him holding it. All right.

Next up, let’s take a look at some more accessories here. Here he has this, some sort of a sign, I guess a stop sign maybe, not entirely sure on that. But he can hold that up. That looks cool. Let’s see, we got some standard German equipment here, canteen, his tin can here. We got his knife. Okay. And he does come with a very nice pistol, I like the brown case it comes with. It looks good. Let me try to take this out. It’s stuck in there pretty good though. Okay, so here this is, not entirely sure what the model is, but that looks very nice. You can pull that back and see the bullet inside. And there he is holding it.

albert holding stop sign

Let’s take a look at his head sculpt and the helmet. Honestly, this is one of my favorite parts about this figure. I think the head sculpt was really well made on this one. And the helmet looks really, really good. Let me get that in focus for you. So great detailing on the helmet. It’s got really nice paint. You can see symbols on the side. Overall, very good quality. Let me take this off. You have to be really careful with these helmets. Inside, you can see it’s got this cloth lining, and I’ve already ripped one of the straps here. Very, very fragile.

But yeah, I just think this helmet in particular looks really good. And the head sculpt as well is really great. This is one of my favorite head sculpts, I think. Just looks really good. Great detail, especially in the eyes and the hair, just really, really nice.

figure looking at map

All right. And around his neck, he has this, I can’t pronounce the name of it, but it says gorget plate I guess. But that’s pretty cool. All right. Let me take off his belt and harness. Okay. I did forget to mention this ammo pouch he’s got here. That’s always nice to see. So there that is. He’s got the harness here.

Here’s his uniform. It’s kind of like a jumpsuit, it’s called a jump smock actually, and it looks really good. And underneath this is another uniform. So I’ll just briefly show you that. Okay, so here that is. And I do have some stickers you can put on here. You can put these shoulder pads on as well. That looks very good. And I like the yellow stickers, I think that looks really good, and also this sticker you can put on as well. All right, cool uniform, good quality. And the boots are also very cool.

albert's headsculpt

All right. And I think that’s pretty much it with the figure. Like I said, overall, this is a very good quality figure. So I definitely recommend getting this one. He’s not too hard to find. I picked him up for $55 on eBay, so not too rare, and not terribly expensive considering you get a really nice figure here. So I definitely recommend this one, guys.

Thanks so much for watching. And I’ll see you in the next video.

figure's box