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Hey everyone. Welcome back to another review. I’ve got a beautiful Russian figure to show you today. Let’s see if I can pronounce his name right. It’s Lev Vassilievich Pavlov. He is a Soviet Naval Infantry Aidman, which is really awesome. As far as I know there is only one Russian medic that was ever made by Dragon. As far as I know, I don’t think there are any others. So, really, really cool. As you can imagine this figure is very hard to find. I’ve been waiting over two years to finally get him. I saw him pop up two years ago and I missed out on the auction, but I finally got my hands on this figure. I only paid 60 bucks for him too, which I was really shocked. So, very happy about that. So, let’s go ahead and look at his box. He’s from Sevastopol 1942. He’s part of the Black Sea Fleet. And there’s a great picture of him.

lev pavlov

And on the side of the box there is another picture of him. And then here’s the back of the box. And this one came out in 2006. So, awesome looking box. I love the pictures on this one. Let me go ahead and bring him out. All right guys, here he is. A very simple figure, but very beautiful, I think. If you’re into the Russian figures, then you definitely want to pick this one up. He’s just really awesome. And the fact that he’s a medic is just even cooler, because there aren’t a lot of medic figures out there.

figure posed

For starters, let’s take a look at his PPSH41. So here he is holding it. All right, here it is up close. Really nice model. As always, got the strap on there. Of course the drum magazine can come out. All right. Let’s take a look at his head sculpt and his fleet cap, which honestly it doesn’t fit really well on his head. You definitely have to position that just right to make it look good. Yeah. Here it is up close. All right. And then I really love this figure’s head sculpt. It’s very unique. Just think it looks really good. You can see there’s light stubble on his face there, which is also pretty unique for a Dragon figure. Yeah. I really love the way this one looks.


Let’s take a look at the little equipment that this figure comes with. As you can see, there’s not a lot of stuff on his belt. Over here he has a pouch with an extra clip for his PPSH. Okay. Over here, this is really cool. You can see his medic bag, very small bag here. But let me see if I can get this open. It’s a little tricky but he does come with some medical supplies, which I would like to show you guys. So give me one second. Okay. So here’s some stuff he comes with, just some medical equipment here. Great detailing on all that.

holding ppsh

All right. So really awesome. And then on the back, he comes with a canteen. As for his uniform, I really like this one’s uniform. It’s called a Navy enlisted pea jacket. I love the buttons on it. And you can, if you want to make it look like the box, you can see his undershirt sticking out there. So there’s his undershirt. All right. And then on the side of his arms, he comes with two stickers that you can put on. These red stars. They come down near his elbow. And then also here’s a quick look at his belt. Thought they did a good job with the belt. Everything fits very well. And of course his pants and then his boots.

head sculpt

And that’s everything to show for the figure. It’s a very simple, pretty light figure, which makes sense for a medic figure especially, but of course the Russian figures don’t usually come with a lot of stuff. But this is a really awesome figure, guys. Very unique. He really stands out among some of my other Russian figures. I really love the head sculpt. And of course the fact that he’s a medic is just 10 times cooler. I love the uniform as well. I really like his jacket, especially with all the buttons. Like I said, guys, if you’re into the Russian figures, this is a must have. He’s a hard one to track down but definitely worth picking up. Really hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thanks so much for watching and for your support, as always.

figure's box