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Hey guys, welcome back to another review. Today I have a Dragon figure to show you. This guy’s really cool, his name is Matt Clapton so let’s get started with the review. All right, here’s the box, World War II England, 1944, US Military Police. He’s a private first class and it says his name is Matt Clapton. On the back of the box, I have some of his equipment that’s included inside of the box, and this one was released in 2008. All right, there’s the box. Here’s the figure.

matt clapton

This one overall looks really nice, especially on display. It looks really cool and I’m really liking this one. All right, so for starters, let’s take a look at that helmet he’s wearing. It’s a really nice helmet and it looks really good on the figure. Let me go ahead and take that off, and this one it’s a metal, not plastic, so that makes it a pretty heavy and it looks a lot cooler. On the front, it’s got Military Police there. Okay, nice strap. Very nice. Here’s his face sculpt. It’s a really cool head sculpt, I really like that one. You do you have to be careful with the helmet. Unfortunately, the inside does kind of stick to his hair so it did kind of chip the paint a little bit so just got to be careful about that. Anyway, a really nice head sculpt.

profile of clapton

So next let’s take a look at his accessories. A really nice white belt there he’s got. On the side, you see he’s got a nice pistol holster there and inside there’s a really cool pistol here. The magazine comes out and you can pull this forward so you can see the bullet inside, that’s a really cool. Also, if you can see this, you can pull this down like this to cock it. Let me go ahead and put it in his hands and he holds it fairly well. I don’t think his hands were really meant for holding the pistol, it’s more a for decoration, I think. He doesn’t hold it extremely well but it still looks pretty cool.

figure with beating stick

All right, let me go ahead and take off his belt here. Okay. On the side you see we have this a cool club here and that’s really nice. It’s got a strap there so you can put it onto the belt and, kind of the same thing with this, he doesn’t hold it extremely well. I guess if he is going to hold it, this hand is the better one to do it, although it’s pretty cool though actually. Okay. Also, he’s got an ammo pouch there. I like the little US printing there, that’s cool. He does have an extra pistol magazine and I really like the pistol holster here, that’s also very nice.

closeup of matt with stick

As for his jacket, he’s got some really cool buttons there, I really like those. On the side, you see we have a whistle, you have some decorative strings, kind of a pain to put on. Since I took the belt off, everything else kind of came off with it but it looks pretty cool once you get it all on. The side, there’s his ranking insignia, that’s very cool. Also, we have another sticker there and down here it’s got this really cool arm strap for military police. That’s really cool as well.

figure's headsculpt

Okay. is white gloves, those are also very nice. All right. Now, if you take off his jacket, inside you see he’s got another shirt underneath and also he has this nice looking tie there so that’s pretty cool. Okay. We got some trousers and these are really cool, I really like his leggings.

They were a pain to put on so you have to have a lot of patience to put them on. Once you finally get them on, they look really nice and, yeah, really like the way that looks. Also, his boots are very cool. Overall, just looks really nice once you get everything on the figure. Yeah, I definitely recommend this guy, he’s really, really cool. Thanks for watching the review, guys, and hopefully I’ll be getting another figure soon, whether it be Dragon or GI Joe, but I will see you next time.

figure's box