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Hey everyone, welcome back to another review. Today I have another Dragon Figure to show you, this figure is really nice, so let’s begin the review.

This is Lieutenant Andy Carlson, WWII, Saipan, 1944, United States Marine Corps Platoon Leader, 2nd Marine Division, 1st Lieutenant. There’s the figure, it’s a really nice one. Inside of the box, the back of the box, his equipment. Okay, and this figure was released in 2006, all right, and I got him off eBay for $50. This one’s pretty rare so I’m really happy to get this one, he’s really nice.

lt andy carlson

Here is the figure. Okay, overall a very good quality figure, definitely worth buying. I’m really impressed with this one. All right, so let’s get started here. First thing I want to show you is this Japanese sword that’s included, this is really cool, so I’ll take it out of its sheath, that’s really nice. Okay, and the actual sword is really cool looking, got some nice detailing on it, it’s really cool. And I really like the actual blade, it’s got this metallic paint on it, it makes it really shiny, and that’s really, really nice. And yeah, the figure looks great if you pose him with it, you can put it over his shoulder like this, and that looks really cool, it’s looks really nice on display.

carlson with carbine

All right, next up, he’s got his rifle here, this M1 Carbine. That looks really nice in the figure’s hands, he holds that really well. Here’s a closer look at it, all right, got a nice firm strap on there, it’s really cool. Also on the side, see we got a extra ammo pouch there which can be attached on, that’s a really cool accessory. Okay, and inside we got two extra magazines, okay that’s really cool. Obviously the magazine comes out, and you can pull this back. Okay, really nice looking rifle.

figure up close shot

Here’s an close-up of his face, looks really nice with his helmet on, I’ll go ahead and take that off. Now, this helmet came in separate pieces, so you have to manually put the camouflage cover over it, but once you get it all on it looks really cool. And here’s the head sculpt, this is a really nice looking head sculpt, I like this one a lot. All right. Moving on, it does come with binoculars, those are also pretty cool. And also, is included, all right, is a binoculars pouch there, on his belt.

carlson holding katana

Okay, also on his belt we got some other pouches here. Got a knife holster, go ahead and take that off, cool looking knife there. Okay, you got a canteen over here, I’ll take that out, and this is really cool because it’s actually made of metal, so it’s really heavy, I really like that, that’s really cool. And, last thing on his belt, got pistol with pistol holder there, that’s really cool, so here is the pistol. Okay, the magazine comes out, and you can pull this back. And, here the figure is holding it in his hand, all right, that looks really cool as well.

figure holding binoculars

So overall the uniform is very nice. Got a greenish color uniform here, United States Marine Corps. Underneath, he does have a green tank top, it’s a nice accessory. And last, but certainly not least, we got these really cool boot leggings here, which you do have to manually put on, that takes a good bit of time. It took me a long time to get them on, but once you get them on it looks really, really nice, so I really like the way that looks. And he also has some nice looking brown boots there.

figure's headsculpt

All right, so that’s Lieutenant Andy Carlson. Overall, very, very nice figure, so far one of my favorites that I have. Definitely recommend this guy if you can find him. Like I said, he’s pretty rare, but definitely worth the purchase. So, thanks for watching the video guys, and I do have two more Dragon Figures which I picked up, and I’ll be reviewing those guys pretty soon. And hopefully I’ll be getting some more GI Joe’s too at some point, so stay tuned for more views, and I’ll see you guys.

figure's box