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Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to another review. Today we’re taking a look at a German Dragon figure. His name is Theodore Wolte from the Eastern Front, 1944 and he is a pioneer figure. As you can tell from the box, this figure is just loaded with a ton of equipment. It’s crazy how much stuff he comes with, and it’s even crazier to think how one person could carry all this stuff. As you’ll see soon enough, he’s just really packed with a ton of equipment. But I was really happy to pick this Dragon figure up. I got him off eBay for around 60 bucks, which I think is a great price for this one, considering how much stuff you’re getting.

wolte with shovel

The box is a little worn, I’m not sure if you can tell from the video, but it is a little yellowed at the bottom. And you can especially tell down here. It’s definitely faded. But that’s okay, everything was brand new in the box. Here’s a look at the inside. You can see how much stuff the figure came with. Anyway, here is a picture of Theodor Wolte, really nice looking. There’s another picture of him at the top. And then, here is the back of the box. You get a look at some of his equipment there. And this one came out in 2005.

All right, so a massive, massive box. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the figure now. Let me pull him out. All right guys, here is Theodore Wolte, really fantastic German figure. He looks great. As you can see, he’s got a gas mask, which I have never seen on a Dragon figure before. And it might be a one-of-a-kind type of thing. I think I heard one of my buddies say that there really aren’t any other Dragon figures that come with a gas mask, so definitely a unique item.

theodor wolte

And, as you can see, I mean, look at all this stuff on his belt, and on his back, just so much stuff, and this isn’t even all of it. I couldn’t fit everything on this guy. It’s insane how much stuff you get with this figure. Yeah guys, as you can see, really awesome looking. I’ll just briefly go through all his stuff. I’ll do my best to showcase everything here. There is a lot to show, so bear with me.

Well, let’s get started here. He’s holding a mine in his hand, and he does come with another one here. In the other hand, he’s holding a handsaw, which is really nicely detailed. It looks really rusty, which I love, very realistic. I’ll try to get that in focus for you. There we go. You can see the rust all over it, so really good detail, and it does come with a sheath. Okay, so there’s a look at that.

Here’s a look at a lot of the other equipment that I don’t have on the figure. You can see a lot of extra clips for his rifle. We’ve got a wire cutter here with its leather case, really cool. Let me try to take this out. There we go. Okay. Nicely detailed as well. And he’s got some explosive charges here that I couldn’t fit in his packs. All right.

gas mask

Over his shoulder there, we’ve got his rifle. Let me try to take this off without knocking anything else over. Like I said, it was really, really challenging putting everything on here. And I think I just lost something actually. Yep, I did. Something popped off of the rifle, but, anyway, here’s a look at the rifle, very nice as always. I’ll just briefly show him holding it for you guys. All right, there he is holding it.

Let’s go ahead and look at his helmet next. Great detail on the helmet, and it’s a metal one. It looks fantastic especially with the gas mask. That really looks awesome. Let me try to take this gas mask off, give me a second while I do this. Okay, sorry about that guys, I finally got the gas mask off. It’s a little tricky to get that off. But here’s a look at the man behind the mask. Really nice looking head sculpt there. He’s got very kind features, I think. Let’s take the helmet off, and there he is without his helmet. Looks very nice. Okay. And then one last look at the gas mask, which I can’t stress enough how awesome this gas mask is, great detail, and it fits really well on his head. Really happy to have that in the collection.

back of figure

Moving on, let’s just attempt to go through his equipment here. I guess we’ll start in the front. We’ve got his pistol with the case for that, or holster rather. We’ve got two stick grenades there you can see popping out. And these, they’re called engineer’s salt pouches. I’ve done my best to put these things on. You see the grenades are pushed in those little loops. I’ve done my best to keep those in there. They do fall out a lot, but those are really cool, those pouches. On the back here, we’ve got his mess tin, and the bread basket, and the canteen.

Okay, so we’ve got these little mine markers, or land markers, whatever you want to call them. These are pretty cool. Oops, they do slide off. These flags do slide off pretty easily though, so you’ve got to keep an eye out for them. Really cool and I like the case that it comes with. All right. And then he’s got the backpack, or assault pack, is what it’s called, which is really massive. You can see he’s got a really nice shovel hanging off there with some coil. Let me take the shovel out. Take a look at this, really cool. If I failed to mention it, I don’t have any German pioneer figures, so this was really cool for me to get. A figure with just so much equipment like this.

back of figure

But I really, really love this shovel. I think this is so cool, and I love how it looks hanging off his pack there. Nice case for that, as well. Very quickly here, I think my phone is going to run out of space soon. Here’s his pack. Inside he’s got some more of these explosive charges. Here’s a smaller explosive charge with a pin that you can put in there. This is a pain to get closed up, so that’s why I haven’t totally closed it up for you. I’m still working on that, but really cool in the back there.

Just quickly, his uniform is very nice. These stickers, they’re not actually stickers, they’re already put on for you. You do have to put these shoulder tabs on yourself. I really like his pants, as well. And he does have another pair of pants underneath, but I love the camo design on that. And really nice boots, as well, here.

All right, guys. Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything. I’ve done my best to showcase everything that this guy comes with. There’s just a ton of stuff, and if you’ve made it this far throughout the video, then thanks so much for watching the whole review, really appreciate it. This is an awesome figure and I definitely recommend picking him up, if you can find him. You will not be disappointed. He comes with just a ton of stuff, and this gas mask especially is super awesome. A great figure. Hope you guys enjoyed this review.

figure's box