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Hey guys, welcome back. We’re taking a look at yet another dragon figure today. His name is Rolf Seeger. He’s a DAK Heer Pionier figure from Libya 1942. This is a super awesome figure. I’m really trying to build my DAK collection right now. And this one is a excellent addition to that collection. He’s just super awesome and comes jam packed with a load of gear, similar to Theodor Wolte, the other Pionier figure that I recently picked up. But yeah, I really love this figure. So here’s the box. Let me try to get that in better focus.

rolf seeger

On the side of the box, you can see another cool picture of him. He’s got a different hat on there and then here’s the back of the box. Some of his equipment there. Okay. And this one came out in 2005. I do have a few things still in the box, like some bullet strips and then a piece of rope there or not rope, but wire, I’m assuming. So a few things still kept in the box, but let me go ahead and bring out the figure. All right guys, here he is. I’ve done my best to try to fit most of his gear on. Just a ton of stuff here as is the case with the Pionier figures, but he is just really, really awesome. I’ve been dying to get this one for a little while now.


He’s just really beautiful. I love his uniform, and of course all the equipment that he comes with just stands out. All right, so a lot to keep on the figure, but I’ll just kind of briefly go over everything that he comes with here. So you can see in this hand he’s got wire cutters, and these are nicely detailed. You can open them up. Good flexibility on those. In this hand, he’s holding his engineer exclusive kit, that’s what it’s called. And inside of here, he’s got some mines or sorry, exclusive charges, rather. I was able to fit one big one here and then three smaller ones inside of there. You can kind of see inside of here a little bit. I don’t want to completely open this up.

It is a pain to get all this opened and closed, very tedious, but here’s an example of the charges that you get. Here’s some extra ones that I have. And he does come with this as well. It looks like a detonator for the charges. Okay. You can see wrapped around his shoulders there, he’s got these grenade bags. He does come with four stick grenades. So there’s a look at one of those.

holding rifle

Here is his rifle, nicely detailed as always. Okay. You can pull that back. And of course you got the strap and here he is holding it just very briefly. Okay. There he is holding it. All right. Let me take that out of his hands and let me also take off his grenade bags here, because they’re kind of getting in the way, but there’s a better look at that. All right. I really love his tropical helmet that he has. It looks great on the figure, and very nicely detailed, I think. All right. And as mentioned, he does come with another cap and this also looks great. I personally prefer the helmet, but this also looks really awesome. So there’s a look at that on the figure.

All right. Here is the head sculpt. Looks great. I like the expression on this one’s face. He looks pretty realistic. As for the rest of his gear, it’s got a lot packed onto his belt here. So he’s got the pouches there for his extra magazines, and then this, which inside has these warning flags for when he sets his charges. These are really cool. He’s got three of those in there. And on the back, standard German equipment here.


You can see the knife kind of tucked away there. And then the Y-strap and the shoulder tabs, which of course you’ve got to put on yourself. Not too hard to do though. He’s got a nice scarf here. I like the color of that. I think it goes well with the uniform. And some more stickers that you’ve got to put on yourself, as well as this plastic badge, which looks great once you get it on there. Then of course his uniform, which also looks awesome. I love these DAK figures. Their uniforms are really awesome. I love the colors. And in particular I love this figure’s boots. I really love the high top boots with all the laces there. It just looks awesome.

Well, I think that covers everything that’s included with this figure. Like I said, really, really awesome. I’m so glad I was able to finally get it. I paid around $60, which is really good for this one. He is definitely a hard one to track down and generally goes for a pretty high price, so I was very happy with the purchase, considering all the stuff that he comes with. This is an excellent figure to pick up. So highly recommend getting this one. I hope you guys enjoyed this review, and thanks a lot for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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