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Hey, guys. Welcome back to another video. Today I have an American dragon figure that I’m going to be reviewing. His name is Alan. He is an USMC sniper who was released in 2004. Before I actually get started with the review I just want to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my channel. I just hit 900 subscribers, which is amazing to me. That’s a lot of subscribers for me. I never thought I’d get up that high so it really means a lot to me. My thought is if I can get up to 1000 subscribers at some point I might do a giveaway.

Alan with box

I’m still kind of thinking about it. If I do get to 1000 subscribers just keep an eye out for a giveaway video. I’ll most likely be doing something like that to show my appreciation to you guys but, anyway, enough of that. Let’s get started with the actual review now by showing you the box.

We got a really cool picture here of the figure. This is a pretty hard one to find. He first caught my eye around two years ago. I tried to get him but I was outbid on eBay. I finally got my hands on him for I think a little over $50, which is a really good price considering that this one is pretty hard to find but he’s a World War Two Tarawa 1943. This guy is a private. Got an awesome picture there.

figure holding katana

Another cool picture upfront. Then the back of the box. As I said, he was released in 2004. All right. Here he is. Here is Alan. This is really a great figure. I think he stands out among a lot of the other ones. The camo design on him is really unique I think. It looks really good. It’s been a little while since I picked up a USMC Marine figure so it’s nice to get another one and this one in particular is really nice.

All right. He’s got a Springfield sniper rifle here and he holds this really well. You get some cool shots with this. As you can see, he poses really nicely with that.

We got a nice strap on there. Really nice scope here. You can pop that off. That’s really cool. Let me try to get that in focus for you. There we go. You can pull that back. You can see the bullet inside. Awesome detail work there. Overall, this is a nice weapon. I really like getting sniper rifles. They always look really nice.

figure aiming sniper rifle

All right. As for its helmet, got a cool looking helmet here. There’s the inside. Got the strap. You do have to put this cover over it. This was really hard to put on actually. I had a little bit of a hard time. You can see some of it still kind of sticking up in the back. It’s a little tricky getting those on but really cool. I love this camo design. I think that looks great.

Here’s the figure’s head sculpt. Pretty cool head sculpt I think. It looks good. All right. Moving on. This guy comes with a lot of equipment, a lot of cool equipment I think. On his back he’s got this … It’s called a modified haversack and this is really cool. You can see he’s got a whole bunch of random things attached on here. You’ve got a little knife over here, which I couldn’t fit on his belt so I just stuck it over there. This is nice.

alan aiming his rifle

Over here we have this bayonet, which also … There’s not enough room on his belt to put all this stuff so I guess that’s the point of the backpack. You can put these things on here. That’s nice as always.

We have a nice Japanese sword here, a katana. Let me take that out. I kind of just put it there randomly. This is really nice. I love how some of these figures come with these Japanese katanas. Really, really cool. The detail is really nice on that. He’s got these pouches over here on the front. Let me start taking some of this stuff off actually. There’s the backpack he’s got. Really nice. Here we got this ammunition bandolier.

closeup of alan

Then upfront we have all these extra ammo pouches here. Inside of those he did come with six extra cartridges for his rifle. There’s one of them. I put all those in these pouches here. Fit very nicely. Pretty easy to put it all together.

Over here we have another pouch. Got another one over here. His canteen. Then he’s got this neat shovel. Here that is. This is pretty cool. It’s not the greatest design. I have another one. They’re very fragile, though. I’m not going to open it up because it’s already breaking but it’s kind of plastic-y so not the greatest design on that. I have to be careful not to break that. This is really cool. You attach all these together like so. All right. The uniform on this guy is really cool. Like I said, very unique camo design. I think it looks great.

figure's headsculpt

Underneath of this uniform he’s got a t-shirt. That’s a nice extra detail for you. Looks very nice. Then I’ve got some boots. Look good. Another great detail is this guy comes with socks. I love it when figures come with socks. I think that’s really cool. Great detail.

All right. It looks like that’s all to show for Mr. Alan here. Overall, this is a fantastic figure. Really glad to finally have him. I think he’s a really cool United States Marine Corps figure so I recommend picking him up if you can. Thanks so much for watching, guys. Thanks again for helping me reach 900 subscribers. It really means a lot. I’ll see you in the next video.

figure's box