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Hey, guys. Welcome back. We are taking a look at a US Dragon figure today. His name is Matt Barkley, and this is a figure that was on my top wishlist for a very long time. He is super rare and very expensive. I did pay, I think, like $110 for him, so … Which is actually the most I’ve ever paid for a Dragon figure. But you know what? He’s definitely worth it. This is just one of those awesome figures. He is an Airborne figure, and definitely one of my new favorites, actually.

matt barkley

Let’s go ahead and look at his box. There’s an awesome picture of Matt Barkley with his bazooka. He is a bazooka man. Like I said, he’s part of the 82nd Airborne Division from Normandy 1944. At the top, you can see he is a Gear+ figure, so he does come with an extra weapon, which is nice. You can see the M1 carbine slung over his shoulder. This one came out in 2009. On the side of the box, we’ve got another picture of him there with his carbine. It looks really awesome. On the back of the box, we’ve got some of his equipment. All right, so, awesome looking box, as always. Really love the pictures on that one. Let’s go ahead and bring out the figure now.

All right, guys, here is Matt Barkley. I’m so happy to finally have this one. He’s really been a dream Dragon figure of mine for so long. Yeah, I just can’t stress enough how cool he is. The Airborne figures are always super awesome, but this guy is just really nice. I love the helmet with the rag straps, and then just the stickers that he comes with. He just looks great. But anyway, let’s go ahead and just get started here by looking at his bazooka, which I’ve got him posed with.

figure with bazooka

Here it is up close. Very nice. Got a strap on there. Then, of course, one of the missiles for his bazooka. All right. Then his M1 carbine. Nice as always, good detailing on there. The clip comes out, of course, and a pretty sturdy strap on there. All right, and there he is holding it. He looks really awesome. He holds that very well. All right, so those are his weapons.

Next up, let’s take a look at his helmet, which is definitely one of the coolest parts about this figure, because you got the rag straps on top of there, which I’m not going to lie, were a pain to put on. I did my best to put them inside of the netting for his helmet there. It was very tedious, but it really looks awesome. Don’t see that a whole lot with Dragon figures. In fact, the only other figure I can think of that has that is Charles Redding. Can’t really think of any others.

aiming bazooka

All right, let’s go ahead and take this off. So, here is the helmet. All right, very nice, the chin strap on that. Then here’s his head sculpt, which is really nice as well. Unfortunately, the helmet lining did take off some of the paint there. I hate it when that happens. Not much you can do about that, but a nice head sculpt. I like the look of this one a lot.

Moving on, let’s look at his equipment. You know, for a Gear+, figure, he’s actually pretty simple. He doesn’t come with a whole lot of stuff. I think, really, the only extra gear that he comes with is the carbine, so not much as far as equipment. In the front, he’s got a pouch there with an extra clip for his carbine. And over here, we’ve got another pouch here. Okay, in the back, we’ve got his shovel with the case. That looks really nice. Then we got his canteen over here. All right, and then his bag with the extra missile or rocket for his bazooka. And then the cases for those, you can stick those right in the bag. That looks really nice.

barkley with carbine rifle

As for his uniform, of course he’s got the awesome Airborne jacket. Like I said, I really like the stickers on this one. Over here, he’s got the American flag, and then on the other side, he’s got the Airborne insignia for his division. All right, and then of course the jacket, which is really good quality. You can see underneath, he’s got his shirt, and then we’ve got his pants, which are really nice as well. Thankfully, these were already tied up, so I didn’t have to do anything with that, but it looks really great. And then his boots also look really awesome. Great quality on these.

barkley head sculpt

Yeah, overall, really good quality. He’s a pretty sturdy figure, and everything was pretty easy to put together with him. So, I think that’s everything to show for Matt Barkley. Seriously though, this is an awesome figure, and I highly recommend him, if you can find him. That’s the thing. I mean, the hardest thing is finding him, and of course when you do finally find him, he’s usually very expensive, so it’s up to you if you want to spend that much money on him, or if you get lucky and find him for cheap. But he was worth paying 100 bucks for. Definitely a new favorite of mine. So, thanks a lot for watching, guys. Hope you enjoyed this review, and I will see you next time.

figure's box