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Hey, guys, welcome back. Today we’re taking a look at an awesome Dragon figure. This is a German figure named Hugo Hartwig, so let’s get started. I’ll show you this beautiful box. There’s the title, you can read that for yourself. And here’s the picture of the figure in an awesome pose. That looks great.

hugo hartwig with box

Okay, on the side, we got another neat pose here. And the back. All right, and this one is one of their newer ones. It was released in 2011, so the detail is really good on this one, and overall, I am very happy with this figure. I picked him up for like, I think $60 on eBay, so pretty good price, I think. This is a really nice figure.

So let me get him out here for you. All right, here he is. Let me get my camera in focus, and let’s take a look at him. All right, guys, so as you can see, this is an awesome German Dragon figure. The detail is great on this one, and you get a lot of really unique equipment, at least for me. I don’t have any figures that come with equipment like this. I think Dragon did a great job with this one. Looks very, very nice.

hartwig with bazooka

All right so for starters, let’s take a look at his, it’s called a RPzB54, which is like a big bazooka here, and he holds this really well. I really love the way this looks. So let me get that out of his hands. All right, and the paint is really nice. I love the camo on this. Really good quality. Got a nice strap on there, which can be adjusted. In the front, you got this shield piece, and you can take that off. And you can pull this or push it back. And he does come with an extra, that’s called a hollow charge box, and if you open it up, it’s got some extra rockets here.

In total, he comes with three rockets, but you can put two of them in here, and these are really cool. And if you want, you can try to stick it in there. It doesn’t fire or anything, but you can put it in if you want. So overall, a great weapon he’s got here. Detail’s really nice, and I love the paint on it.

back of figure

All right, let’s take a look at his head sculpt and his helmet. This is one of my favorite parts about this figure. I think they did a great job with the helmet and with the head sculpt. Very nicely detailed. And I love this helmet here. My previous Dragon figure that I reviewed, “Alex Haas” had this helmet as well. Love the camo on it, so let me carefully take this off. I did glue the inside of it to the metal part. Hopefully. This doesn’t come off. There we go. So there you see the padding inside.

Okay, and here’s the head sculpt. Really great head sculpt. Very nicely detailed. Looks lifelike. Yeah, these later model head sculpts are really, really impressive, this one in particular just looks great.

figure with helmet on

All right, so next up, let’s take a look at all of his gear that he’s got. He’s got quite a bit of stuff here, and overall, the uniform looks beautiful on the figure. It was hard getting this piece on. It’s called Zeltbahn Italian camo, and hopefully, I got this on right. And I think that it looks really nice. I love the camo design. So and he’s got it wrapped around his legs, and this, the belt and harness helps keep that in place. And on the back, you can see he’s got his canteen, his mess tin here, his basket down there. And then his gas mask case over here, got that strapped on. That looks really cool.

And over on the side, I have his pistol holster, and give me a second, and I’ll try to get out his pistol. There it is. All right, and these are always very cool, very nicely detailed. All right, and on this side, he also does have a nice with a sheath. So there that is. Very nice, as always. And I’m not going to take off the belt here, just because it was pretty difficult getting this all together. Some of these Dragon figures are really a pain to get all set up.

figure's headsculpt

But let’s just take a look at everything again because it looks really nice once you get it into the figure. I really like the way this looks. See, we got some sticker insignias you can put on, got one there, and two more up on his collar. And that’s on his shirt, underneath this equipment here. All right, let’s take a look at his boots. These boots are really nice, very nicely detailed. Yeah, I love the way these look.

All right, guys. So I think that’s pretty much it to show. This is a really beautiful figure, and I really recommend getting this one. I think I saw another one on eBay going for close to $60 as well, so if you’re interested, go check this guy out. Definitely a good purchase. Really unique equipment, everything fits really well, and especially the helmet. Sometimes they make these helmets too big for the head sculpt, but this one fits on really snugly, so overall, I was really impressed with this figure. He just looks great, so I really recommend this one. Thanks for watching the review, guys, and hopefully, I’ll be picking up a new figure soon, so stay tuned for my next review.

figure's box