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Hey, everyone. Welcome back. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It’s really hard to believe that we are coming to the end of the year and the end of the decade which is really crazy. I remember very well when it turned 2010. It’s just crazy how much time has gone by. This is my last review of the year. I’m really looking forward to what 2020 brings.

mike walker

Let’s go ahead and jump into the review. I’ve got a really awesome figure to show you. His name is Mike Walker. He is a U.S.M.C. tank commander from the Mariana’s islands, 1944 and here is a picture of him. This is a super awesome figure guys. I wasn’t originally intending on getting this figure. He popped up on eBay and I decided to pick him up. I thought he looked really cool and he is, he’s very nice.

All right, there is the back of the box. This one came out in 2005. All right. So here he is. This is a beautiful figure guys. I was really impressed with him. Like I said I wasn’t originally intending on buying this one. He is pretty rare so I decided to just snatch him up in the moment and I’m really glad I did.

holding cigarette

You can see he’s holding a fuel can here which is nicely detailed, it says U.S.M.C. Let Me take that out of his hands. It’s a nice accessory. And as you can see he comes with a Thompson submachine gun and he looks really awesome holding that. All right here it is up close. Pretty nice strap on there, very sturdy. The clip comes out of course and you can pull this back so nicely detailed as always. All right and his other weapon is really awesome. As you can see he’s got a revolver across his chest and that looks awesome so let me just pull that out and take a look at that up close. So here it is. It’s a Smith and Wesson, a 38 revolver. It’s really nice, just super detailed. I was really impressed with this. Let me put it in his hands. So there he is holding it.

holding thompson

All right, moving on. Let’s next take a look at his head sculpt and you can see he’s got the tanker, I guess you would call it a helmet, and it looks really good on his head. And you can put the goggles down if you want. And guys, what’s super awesome about this figure is he actually comes with another head sculpt. And this one you can see is covered in dirt and dust and then you got the shape of the goggles there outlined over his eyes so just super realistic. I was really impressed with this. I haven’t actually tried putting it on. I’m not entirely sure how easy that is to do it. It looks like it was a little tricky to do that so I haven’t done that yet. But here’s a look at what it would look like with the helmet on and the goggles. So, that’s what it would look like and you could see the goggles. But really super awesome that they included an extra head sculpt would that kind of detail. I’m just really impressed with that.

helmet with goggles

But anyway, here’s a quick look at the helmet and the goggles. It was tricky, you’ve got to put this strap inside of these little grooves there. That was pretty tricky to do. All right. Well, here’s the regular head sculpt and it’s really nicely detailed. A lot of wrinkles on the face. There’s even it’s like a mole on the side of his nose so excellent detailing on the head sculpt for this one.

All right. He does also come with a cigarette pack, Jackie Strike. Try to get that focused for you. I always love all the little details with these figures. And this one is specially just a lot of details. And of course he does come with a cigarette as well. You can put that between his fingers if you want and get some nice poses.

holding revolver

And as for other equipment one of the big highlights is the revolver and the chest, the holster that goes across his chest. I really love that look, very awesome. You’ve got the canteen in the back and in the front we’ve got his first aid pouch and then the patches for his extra clips for his Thompson. Then for his uniform he’s got the U.S.M.C. jacket. You can see a t-shirt underneath that. And of course his trousers and his boots and he does come with socks actually. I haven’t actually taken them out but there are the socks there. Once again, I’m a little afraid to do that. I don’t want to break his feet.

head sculpt

Dragon figures are always so delicate so I’m a little wary of taking off the boots. But anyway, as you can see this is a very detailed figure especially for 2005, just really detailed, and a lot of cool stuff here. Yeah, the revolver is awesome. This is becoming one of my new favorites. So I highly, highly recommend picking this one up if you can. You will not be disappointed with this figure. Hope you guys enjoyed this review. 2020 will be interesting none the less but I’ll see you guys in the new year.

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