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Hey, guys. Welcome back to another review. Today we’re taking a look at a German figure by the name of Heinz Schmidt. If you guys know anything about Dragon figures, then you know that this figure is incredibly difficult to get a hold of. From what I’ve seen, he seems to have obtained kind of a legendary status among collectors. It’s not hard to see why. This is a great figure.

figure posed

I’ve been after him for a good while. I want to say maybe like a year and a half, but I was fortunate enough to have gotten him off eBay. It was a huge haul being listed of maybe like … I think it was 10 figures, and Heinz Schmidt happened to be one of the figures included in that haul. I was super excited to get this figure in my collection, finally. It’s been a long time, and he’s really a beautiful figure.

Let’s go ahead and show you the box. World War II Ardennes Offensive 1944. It is a great picture of the figure. I love the pose that he’s in. All right, and that’s the only picture that they have of him on the box. It’s the same on all the sides.

figure posed

And then, there’s the back of the box. The release date for this guy was 2006. All right, so awesome looking box, love the picture of the figure there.

Let’s go ahead and bring out Heinz Schmidt now. Really excited to own this guy finally. He’s really beautiful, as you can see. Yeah, if you’re into collecting the German Dragon figures, then this is definitely a must have. He just looks really epic. Let’s take a look at him here for a second.

All right, so awesome, awesome figure here. The detail is great. He comes with some great equipment here. My favorite part about the figure is the synthetic raincoat that he’s got, love the way that looks.

heinz schmidt with rifle

Let’s take a look at his rifle for starters here. Okay. Here he is holding it. Here it is up close, great detail as always. Good, you can pull that back. And then, there is the strap which is adjustable. All right.

Here is the head sculpt with the helmet on. This is, of course, the metal helmet. That looks great, especially with the scarf or mask that he’s got there. You can do a lot of things with the mask, actually. You can put it over his face if you wanted to. That’s kind of a cool look.

Let’s take off the helmet here. Get a better look at his head sculpt, great looking head sculpt, nicely detailed.

closeup of figure

All right. Well, if we take off the raincoat, we can get a better look at everything underneath. Once again, I just love the way that the raincoat looks on the figure. It just gives him such a cool and I guess kind of an epic look. I really like that a lot.

Let’s go ahead and take this off of him. All right. Here it is again. Here’s a look at everything underneath. And then, just I’ll briefly put the helmet back on. You can get a look at what he would look like without the raincoat on. That also looks really nice, I think.

As for his equipment, he’s got the pouches here for his bullet strips. And then, over here we’ve got his knife and his mess tin, the bread basket and his canteen.


What’s really cool about this figure is he comes with a whole bunch of medals here. You can see in the front he’s got four different medals. Let me get that in focus for you. Got one down there, this one here, the cross. I guess it’s called the Iron Cross. I can’t remember, and then that one over here which actually needs to be pinned back on.

And then, over on his arm he’s got some more stickers or insignias that you put on. This one is actually already on the figure, but this one you put on. And then, he’s got this one on his sleeve, but overall that looks fantastic.

figure without raincoat

And then, on top you can see we’ve got some more there, and then his shoulder pads, and the also the head scarf which I like to keep around his neck, but I guess you can put over his head if you wanted to. All right.

Moving on, I love the figure’s pants that he comes with. Underneath he’s got just the trousers, but these which are called the M44 Pea Dot Pattern over trousers are really nice. I love the way that looks on the figure. And then, his boots which are also nicely detailed, you can see they look very worn at the edge there, at the tip, rather. Great detail.

figure nicely posed

All right. I think that’s everything to show for Heinz Schmidt. Once again, this is an awesome figure, as you can see. Yeah, I can’t recommend him enough. He’s great if you can find him on eBay. He usually goes for around $100, maybe. I think that’s a good price for him.

With the haul, I’ve paid over $300 for the haul, but that was because I got 10 figures. I think that’s a great price, but the figure by himself is definitely worth, I’d say, $100. If you can find him for less, good for you. He’s really hard to get a hold of, so good luck finding him if you’re interested in buying him. Thanks so much for watching, guys. As always, I’ll see you in the next review.

heinz schmidt box