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Dragon Cyber-Hobby Exclusive “Grigori Sergeievich Sokolov” – WW2 Soviet Naval Infantry Sniper [Review]

Dragon figure “Grigori Sergeievich Sokolov” – an absolutely stunning Russian figure. The camouflaged helmet and wrappings for his sniper rifle are so awesome. He’s incredibly rare, so if you want this one you’re going to have to be extra vigilant in your search. He’s a must have if you’re in to the Soviet figures.

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Dragon “Alan” – WW2 USMC Sniper [Review]

Dragon figure “Alan” – this is an awesome USMC figure that’s not easy to find. It took me well over a year to finally track him down. He’s really nice and comes with a unique uniform exclusive to only him as far as I know. If you like collecting the USMC figures then be sure to grab this guy when he shows up next time.

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