Dragon Figures


Dragon “Artur Hecht” – WW2 Panzer Grenadier NCO [Review]

Dragon figure "Artur Hecht" - considered by many collectors to be the holy grail of Dragon figures, Artur Hecht is a figure that lives up to these claims. He's incredibly unique and, of course, rare. I personally love his SVT-40 sniper rifle, helmet, and face mask. Go get this one if you can, there's a reason he's so highly sought after.

GI Joe Figures


GI Joe 2001 Audie Murphy [Review]

GI Joe figure Audie Murphy - GI Joe honors one of the most decorated American soldiers of WW2 in making this awesome figure of Audie Murphy. Released in 2001, the figure comes packed with tons of equipment. Hasbro did a fantastic job with the figure which is why he remains as one of my favorites.